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  1. Will a 2003 XR250R rear fit a 1991 XR 250L? What are the sizes of the XR wheels? Trying to get another set, one road one street, for my '91 XR250L.
  2. This thread made me realize I needed to look at mine on my 250L. Good thing I did, there was water and oil in the drain tube-why is there a plug in it anyway-and the filter in the canister was shredded. But as I pulled it all apart I noticed that between the breather and the case there is what seems to be a reducer in the hose. The inside tube diameter goes from 3/8 to 1/8. The tube coming out of the case is about 1/2". Is this to keep some pressure in the case? When I put on an aftermarket filter should I pull the reducer out so it can freely breathe?
  3. Yeah man, she looks great! I like to see some TLC given to these bikes and see what others do to them. I'd like to see your whole list of what and how's as I have a '91 and have been thinking about what to do when she starts looking a little tattered. Great job!
  4. Alex 400, you should be fine with the power disk type since it bolts on outside. I was refering to the screen type arrestor with the regular turn down tip.
  5. I have one on my 91 XR250L (comp exhaust and comp header). It is a bit quiter, but it does seem to run and sound better without. Don't know if it is within the dB regs though. It also didn't fit very well with their spark arrestor, the screen only lasted about 2 months before falling out. Over all, XR's Only is nothing spectacular.
  6. Did you happen to paint the frame as well? I remember them being a beautiful white (cough!).
  7. Danmad32, how loud is that Xr only comp exhaust, 96 or 100db? Is that stock header or Xr only as well? Noticed my 91 stock exhaust has developed a quarter size hole in it. Time to upgrade.
  8. Make sure you know the laws of your state before hand. Here in Washington you could take a offroad bike and put a DS kit on with no prob. But in 2000? they changed the laws and now it has to come from the factory plate ready. FYI
  9. Yeah, it'd be nice to know how stuff from different models and years could be swapt.
  10. I've had the same problem. The only thing I could find for my 91 XR 250(L) is at Big Gun. I won't be buying for a while at $500! http://www.biggunexhaust.com/
  11. Great idea! I never think to look at the "big boy" threads for ideas that could be applied to the 250/400s. I broke a rear signal mount not long ago and was wondering what to do with it. Thanks!
  12. I think this is the company link. http://www.doxoracing.com/doxo/bike_list.php
  13. Thanks guys. I see Sticky has a bunch of links as well, most of the ones I had. Just wanted to see about downloading some decent ones I could print out.
  14. Hopefully they'll listen to the consumer and bring it back soon! I had asked the question on putting XR motors in CRF frames since people were talking about suspension upgrades (inverted fork XR400 a couple thread pages ago). Seems like the weight would be less too.
  15. Here are a couple other links. Haven't got to look at the maps yet. http://www.waatva.org/trails_cw.htm http://www.waatva.org/trails_ww.htm