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  1. what is the best year(s) for an XR650R? and why?
  2. Anybody know where to get a good map of Ocotillo Wells SRVA Thanks Jake
  3. Anybody know where to get a good map of Ocotillo Wells SRVA? Thanks Jake
  4. Does anyone know of a company that rents plated dual sports in southern California? I have a friend with an endoesement that will be visiting later this fall, and I would like to take him out for a day, but I have only one bike. Thanks for the info, Jake
  5. I own a BMW F650 GS, I have taken it on numerous single tracks up in Washington, and have ridden the freeway to get to them. It is a little big for the super technical stuff, but I think if you are going to be on the road much at all, and you want to be able to cruize at 60, but still be able to get off the beaten path, it is a great bike. If you are interested, I am thinking about getting rid of mine, as I have reciently moved to southern California, and don't have the roads and trails that I had in Washington. Jake jakebuell@cox.net
  6. What are your thoughts for the best GPS??? Figure it is getting mounted to the handelbar of a large (650) dual sport. Figure 80% off road / 20% on road Things to consider: -Vibration -Screen size -Color -Reception -Power -Availability of maps Thoughts???