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  1. eighty6gt

    Do you guys actually even ride your bikes?

    I can never get the brown dirt stains off of the white plastics!! Other than that the high pressure wand blows off all of the seaweed/mud/clay.
  2. eighty6gt

    MCCT Help needed Urgent!

    The only way I could set mine was by feeling the rattling, and then just making it go away. I never heard any "marbles in a can" noise at any time, and I threaded that thing out until I was petrified. You could tell the adjuster wasn't bearing on anything. Bike has run fine for a couple of years. I'm tearing the top off in a while to see if I screwed it up. Honestly I can't see over tightening this thing with just your fingers on the nut. If you aren't really cranking on it with your hand, things should work. I dunno.
  3. eighty6gt

    Throttle cable routing

    Well, this could be a game changer. How much was it opening with the stock arrangement? 90%? Less?
  4. I figure the displacement should remain at 398 as well, my insurance cutoff is at 400 for a much higher rate! 398, efi, 40 hp, lots of oil capacity, lightweight free flowing exhaust, pro tapers, 6 speed, and you'd have a great bike right out of the factory. I wonder how much an aluminum frame would add to the cost? If a 6 speed gearbox would cost much more to make?
  5. eighty6gt

    Tag T2 Kit vs. Pro Bends

    Well I'll give it a crack, it did not seem that they would open up enough when tightened to bite on the inside of the bars, seemed they'd be stressed enough when bent that far over a short distance that they'd break. If that happens I'm making custom inserts. Thanks.
  6. eighty6gt

    Tag T2 Kit vs. Pro Bends

    I bought a set of pro bend bark busters a while ago. I haven't yet installed them because of a faulty hardware store bolt fouling the threads in my triple (I put the stock bolt back, but still may need to heli-coil the hole in the future), and because neither of the two sets of inserts that go in the bar ends seemed to fit into the tag bars. One insert is much too small and rattles around, the other is too large to slip in. Should I just take a sanding roll and open up the ends of the bars a bit? Round file? What have you folks done? Thanks.
  7. eighty6gt

    Occational backfire under decel w/fcr all else stock

    My buddies old '01 dr-z does it with his mikuni. The bike runs great for all the miles pounded into it. I figure as long as you don't have bogging and the bike runs like the fantastic machine it is you're fine!
  8. eighty6gt

    Occational backfire under decel w/fcr all else stock

    45 pilot, 2-1/2 turns out, 1900 ft. Sorry it took me a while to reply! Still consistenly backfires once on decel when coming down from high revvs. I call it normal.
  9. eighty6gt

    Choke behavior changed on FCR

    The bike seems to idle a bit better (won't stall with no throttle opening), but I get no high idle speed.
  10. eighty6gt

    Choke behavior changed on FCR

    Someone on another board mentioned that turning the choke knob on an FCR changes amount of fuel delivered/idle speed. I have never heard of this... I'm sure I have turned the knob a few times. since It's half shaved off to clear my fuel petcock...
  11. eighty6gt

    Choke behavior changed on FCR

    Used to be I'd fire the bike on the choke, it would plug away briefly at low rpms, then the idle would come up and the bike would idle high if I had the choke on, and of course return to a normal idle when I shut it off. It's been around freezing in the mornings and I would let it run on the choke for 30 seconds so the bike would idle without touching the throttle and I could get my gear on. Now the bike only sometimes goes to a high idle (I can help it along if I open the throttle a bit) when I leave the choke on, but even after I bring the revvs up the idle will eventually slow. (I just twist the throttle a very small amount and let go, and it will idle high for 10-15 seconds...) Is my choke circuit obstructed?
  12. I was putting this thing back together after he threw it down the road, I changed the lower clamp/stem, replaced the oil cooler, exhaust, refitted the repaired radiator, etc.. etc.. I noticed when I was tightening the lower clamp bolts (there are three) that I would tighten them inside to outside (center, top, bottom), to snug, then to some spec below the final torque (I believe 20 N-m), then up to 20 again. When I'd check the torque (I just bring the needle close to the final torque, knowing that it cannot break free again without going past...) I'd find the bolts "loose." I then ran across them again, and brought them up to the final spec. Am I crushing the hell out of the forks? You can't leave bolts without tension in them, the'll fall out.
  13. eighty6gt

    Who's DRZ runs PERFECT??

    After a bit of finagling, I couldn't be happier. Absolutely the best trailbike I've ever come across. Just goes and goes and goes! 8)
  14. eighty6gt

    hopping front end

    My scorp bounces a bit too, but the rimlock is a few inches from the valve stem, and I did not balance it. I bet you get that thing on a balancing rig and it will smooth out.