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  1. mxlaw29

    CR 125 Rear Shock

    I recently picked up a 1994 CR 125 to race some local vintage races. I was checking to see if anyone on this board knew if a later model shock would work on this chassis. I would like to install a shock that has high speed compression. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. mxlaw29

    TTR 230 Fork and Shock Springs

    Does anyone know where you can get heavier aftermarket springs for the TTR 230? Thx
  3. mxlaw29

    07 and 08 Suspension Interchangeable?

    Yes it is interchangeable. I put my 07 suspension on my 08 and everything swapped out without a hitch.
  4. mxlaw29

    slipper clutch

    I have the Hinson Slipper Clutch on my 07 RMZ 450. I think it's great. I don't think it will be a big benefit on hardpack, but I think you will notice a big difference in the sand. In the sand you don't have to worry about the engine braking slowing the bike down too much and you are able to keep your momentum going. The only real down side is, if you stall it, the bike is next to impossible to bump start, b/c the clutch is slipping. Other than that, I like mine. Hope this helps.
  5. mxlaw29

    1983 XR80 Exhaust

    I am restoring a 1983 XR80. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket exhuast on the market for this bike? Thanks for your help.
  6. mxlaw29

    Automatic Clutch???

    Thanks for all of the input guys.
  7. mxlaw29

    Automatic Clutch???

    I'm looking for a bike that will fit a 13 year old. He does not have any motorcycle experience (ie clutch), and the 110, 90, and 70 are a little small for him. I don't want to buy something that he will outgrow in a few months. Thanks for all of the input guys.
  8. mxlaw29

    Automatic Clutch???

    Does anyone know if someone makes an automatice clutch like the Rekluse for an xr/crf 80 or xr/crf 100? Thanks!
  9. mxlaw29

    pro taper bars

    BC3. I've had the same problem as you. At the time when I purchased my 150, I couldn't find very many manufacturers who made an aftermarket triple clamp for the CR85/CRF150. The only one I found was the pro-taper clamp. I purchased it with the optional 55 mm bar mounts and moved them as far forward as the clamp would allow. I chose the the pro-taper mini high bar, b/c it was taller than any of the big bike bars and it was around 31 inches in width. So I believe that I was only giving up about an inch in width from the big bike bars. After this, the bars still feel a little low to me. However, the universal oversized bar mount will not work with the pro-taper bar mounts. So I've just decided to deal with it for now, b/c I really don't want to spend more $ on this. Just thought I would give you my experience with one aftermarket company's triple clamp, in case you decide to go that route.
  10. mxlaw29

    Fasstco bars

    I have the 12 degree bars on a set of pro-taper top clamps with the 55mm bar mounts. The problem is that the bars are too low for me even with the taller mounts. I am going to call fasstco and see if the mini bars or the quad bars would be taller. I am really struggling with the layout on the bike. It just feels way too cramped. I just came off of the CRF 150F version and thought that I could immediately hop on this bike and motor. Not so. BTW I am 5'10".
  11. mxlaw29

    new mods. Nothing exciting.

    Do you mean that you cut out the top just like CRF 450, or do you mean the snorkle?
  12. mxlaw29

    2006 CRF 150 Mods?

    Thanks for the replies. I didn't think that there were any mods out yet for the 06'. But I thought that I would inquire just in case I was missing something. Like David, I too have the BBR exhaust and an 85 front end kit. The exhaust came with the bike when I bought it. I too will be upgrading the exhaust in the near future, b/c the canister is a little close to the rear wheel. Also, the 05' and 06' 230 have the same motor. It was only the 150 that received the new one. Thanks again guys.
  13. mxlaw29

    2006 CRF 150 Mods?

    New to the tt forum. Does anyone know what mods are available for the 06' CRF 150? I have talked to BBR, Big Gun, and White Brothers. BG and WB have pipes, but no one has a rev box, cam, etc.... I asked BBR if their carb would work, and the tech said that he didn't know for sure. I know that Engines Only makes a 225 kit, but I didn't want to go with a big bore kit. Me and a couple of friends ride these bikes for fun and they have TTRs. We wanted to keep the bikes around the same cc so that no one would have an unfair advantage. Also, I haven't seen in any of the threads that deal with gear combos. I weigh about 200 with gear and wanted some input on possible gear combos for motocross. Sorry if this is a repeat. Thanks for the help.