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  1. I am looking for my first bike and I am leaning towards the KLR650. When buying used, how many miles is too many where you start to get into the major repair danger zone? Is 50k miles too many on say a 2002? Any ideas on what usually starts to go and what it costs typically? Is worst case scenario a top end rebuild? Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Mac128k

    Advice for Nor Cal Noob

    I looked hard at the DRZ but at 6'4" 270 I have been told I need to go with a 650. I think I have it narrowed down to the XR650L or the KLR650. The DR650 felt a little narrow to me but I have read it will be better off road than the KLR so I might look again. I haven't tried the XR on for size yet. Cost is an issue too and the KLR seems a little easier to afford used. Any advice on high mile bikes? Maybe I will shoot a post up in the KLR forums. Is 50k miles on a bike getting into the danger zone? I am OK with driving a few hours to ride and so is the wife, BigBob Is the trail info publically available someplace is do I need to know people to find them?
  3. Mac128k

    Advice for Nor Cal Noob

    Hello all, Over the past month or so I have been seriously looking into buying a dualsport bike and having some fun. After reading about Clear Creek being closed for repairs the thought occured to me.. is this worth getting into? I used to have dreams of a mellow ride on nice dirt roads with little or no traffic leading to a nice lake or something interesting to check out. I would spend some time with nature, jump back on the bike and ride out. Am I totally kidding myself here? I live in Livermore, Ca. I have zero interest in having some kids doing wheelies up my back while I stop to take a picture of a bird in a tree I just want to cover more ground with a motorcycle than I could walking. I like the idea of a fun ride over some mild challenges but I can't see myself jumping over anything or speeding through the woods dodging slow moving trees. I have seen websites selling trail maps etc but I am not sure they are legit. I have read people talking about all kinds of secret riding areas too but I am not really sure what that means (illegal places?). I just thought I better ask the people that know (TT seems to be a great place). Before I buy, maybe as soon as this weekend, can a guy like me enjoy the sport? Thanks in advance for any advice