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  1. The service manual for the 04 shows 12 pins. I am going to try to eliminate some of the variables. I will go back to just recreation fuel and restart from the stock jet.
  2. The last time the bike started well, it was mostly OEM parts except the FMF Powerbomb header and Q4 exhaust. At that time, we ran with a 48 pilot jet and 178 main. The stock pilot for this bike is 40. My son has made the following changes and it is very difficult to start 13.5:1 high compression piston Hot cams stage 2 exhaust and intake valves R&D powerbowl - 2 turns out to simulate the 60 stock leak jet. Running a mix of Race and Recreation fuel .. to get to a 105 octane. Once it is running, it will run strong and has a lot of power. But, it is really hard to start. Things I have checked ... timing. The dot on the exhaust cam is slightly above the level of the head, while the intake is slightly below. I have kept the 12 pin spacing represented in the service manual. If I change it 1 tooth, then the exhaust dot is quite a bit below the head. The valve clearances are in spec. I have tried starting with the jets that worked last, but I am not getting very far. Given the changes, should I be going richer or leaner?
  3. We got the bike in pieces. According to the parts manual, the 70 and 71 did not have a rectifier. But, the 73-75 had a resistor assembly. I think I will try it. Because the headlights were so expensive, I looked for a bulb that I could solder into the headlight housing. I could only find the halogen bulbs that would fit.
  4. Ugh... I purchased a new 12 volt halogen bulb that would fit into the headlight. But.... Even this this one got really hot and blew. I need to figure out the reason for the high voltage.
  5. After pulling the flywheel, I realized that I really don't know much about electrical. I tested a 12 volt light and it seemed to work. So, I just ordered one that fits in the headlight housing.
  6. I am trying to figure out why my TS 250 is blowing headlights. I have been using a 6v 25w halogen headlight bulb. After blowing 2 bulbs, I finally checked the power going to the headlight. I have 20 volts going to the headlight. I am not sure why yet. My next step is to check the coils.
  7. This bike has a rectifier, but I couldn't find a regulator on the parts diagrams. I believe that I have the rectifier correctly attached - there are only 2 wires that are color coded.
  8. My son has just resurrected a barn find TS250. We currently have 2 issues .... both electrical 1 - The battery is being overcharged - it gets hot and the liquid is boiling 2 - Headlight - continues to burn out I believe that they are related. I am just getting started at diagnosing the problem. Where do I start looking? What are the most common causes of these issues?
  9. I am now puzzled. Your issue was identical to the Ts90 I was fixing - started easy, but bogged when giving it throttle. My issue was a missing washer under the main jet. Since it starts easy, it shouldn't be the idle screw or the pilot jet.
  10. I have a Couple of 70s 2 strokes - with the oil pump attached. It always smokes like that until it warms up.
  11. I have a couple of questions - - for the air screw, how many turns do you have it out? - when you cleaned the carb, did you spray into every tiny hole? - I believe that you took off the oil pump/reservoir. What oil/gas ratio did you use for the fuel in the tank?
  12. Let me know how it works out.
  13. Given a second look at your main jet, I would agree that this is the set up for the 79. In comparing the two carbs, the air screw is the same part number. But, the pilot jet is different - the 79 has a 22.5 jet, while the 78 has a 20. Regarding the washer, I pointed out the wrong part. It really is the rubber o-ring that you need.
  14. Here's the part diagram. It is part #6
  15. It should go in this hole. The jet would go through the washer. attachment=242155:ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1431038475.730721.jpg]