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  1. azkmymonkey

    brake trouble

    drcool, I couldn't really tell if there was any damage; it was near dark when I got home, and the bike is covered in mud. I'll know more after work when I get a chance to pressure wash it. William1, thanks for the advice...I'll reset my adjuster.
  2. azkmymonkey

    brake trouble

    I had a great ride over the long Thanksgiving weekend, but not without a little trouble. While in an overgrown trail (looked to be more a trail that hasn't seen use in years) I had a branch snag my front brake line. Now when I pull the lever, it pulls in about half way before any brake action. I still have front brake (not enough there to lock the front), but now there is way too much play in the lever. I can get rid of some of the play with the adjustment screw, but it won't be near enough. Any ideas?
  3. azkmymonkey

    Do I really need it?

    Definetly get the radiator guards...money very well spent. I had to replace my fill side radiator (right side) once after crashing on some rocks and demolishing my rad. The unabiker radiator guards are so solid that I would have very likely had no damage (aside from plastics). The raddiators are very flimsy, but are also very pricey to replace.
  4. azkmymonkey

    Road rash make-up

    lay it down on the other side so that they match...thats what I did then I eventually found new plastics on eGhey for cheap
  5. azkmymonkey

    Don't twist the throttle in wet grass

    I've did that several times before I went with 606s
  6. azkmymonkey

    little dissappointed in 14/47

    Yeah, I was able to get the front up with the clutch with stock gearing, but now I either spin the tire, or slip the clutch too much...haven't found that in-between yet. Like I had said, I've never been able to power wheelie; I may not be sitting back far enough though.
  7. azkmymonkey

    little dissappointed in 14/47

    I replaced my front and rear sprocket last weekend with 14/47. Afterwards I went for a short ride through the neighborhood (didn't have time to take it to any trails) to see how it felt. While I can tell that there is more low end grunt, I was hoping for power wheelies. I can't seem to get the front end up---still. It could be my technique; I may be slipping the clutch too much...but often the rear tire simply breaks loose. I may also be too light. On a side note: I replaced the gears for more pulling power up hills, not for riding wheelies.
  8. azkmymonkey

    sold one of my DRZs

    Yep, I hated to do it, but I found that I wasn't riding the 05 near as much as the 03, which was already paid off. I've been eyeballing a couple sport cruisers, so I had to be honest with myself--"Self, do you really need three bikes?" So, now I ask the question: Mean Streak or Warrior? I'll still be around though; the remaining Zuk isn't going anywhere.
  9. azkmymonkey

    bad crash today

    It was on Hwy 278 between Dallas and Hiram...and I agree, traffic was heavier today than it has been in the past few weeks it seemed.
  10. azkmymonkey

    bad crash today

    Fortunately I wasn't in it. Me and a co-worker were on our way home from work today after getting off a little early for the long weekend. Today was a perfect day for riding, and I'll bet that everyone at work who owned a bike rode it in. Anyhow, we were riding down a divided four lane highway at a comfortable 70mph; me on my DRZ and he owns a 2005 Harley Road King. Before I go any further, let me say that my buddy has been down before, and can be one of those guys who give motorcyclists a bad image, but I digress. We were behind two other vehicles, he was in the left lane and I was in the right. In front of him was a Sentra I think, and in front of me an Explorer, and more traffic behind us. The Explorer was coming up on another car that pulled out pretty quickly, and right then I knew what was coming. The Explorer tried to maneuver into the left lane due to the slower car, but he didn't see the Sentra in his blind spot. My friend happened to be following the Sentra way too close. The Explorer clipped the Sentra right as the Sentra slammed on his brakes. The Explorer starts rolling while the Sentra skids out of control. My buddy had nowhere to go. He slides right into the car head first right as the guy behind him plows him from behind, and he flies over the handlebars. I was fortunate enough to be in the right lane and missed the whole accident. Fickle twist of fate. The driver of the Explorer was hurt pretty bad and had to be rushed out in an ambulance. The driver of the Sentra was pretty shaken, but no worse for wear. My friend broke several bones in his hand, bruised a lung, knocked out every front tooth in his mouth, bit through both upper and lower lips, and has a serious case of road rash. He just happened to have his leathers on despite the heat because his saddle bags were full, otherwise it would have been worse. After it happened, he was totally conscious, got up on his own...though he had to sit back down promptly...but spoke to me about what happened. He said that only his mouth hurt, but he'll feel the rest in the morning. As for the bike...completely destroyed front, rear, and both sides. He had only had it for about six months, but loved it... Just thought I'd share. Riding weather is in full swing, but be careful and aware while having fun, and all the gear, all the time.
  11. azkmymonkey

    it's been almost 4 months...

    thanks guys...I charged the battery and it started right up. It ran a little rough at first but smoothed out after a few miles. It isn't that I haven't ridden in four months, just not that bike. Thanks again.
  12. azkmymonkey

    it's been almost 4 months...

    yep, yep...and next spring won't be an issue because I'll know that before it is too late. Unfortunately however, it wasn't winterized. It does have the stock steel tank so the fuel should have lasted a little longer than if it had a Clark, for instance. Since it wasn't winterized, any other suggestions?
  13. azkmymonkey

    it's been almost 4 months...

    ...since I last started one of my bikes, and I anticipate riding it this weekend. What do I have in front of me to get it started again. I know that I need to dump the tank, and refill with fresh fuel, charge that battery, change the oil, and likely clean the carb bowl, but is there anything else for me to look out for? ....and why do I feel so compelled to browse TT when I should be working?
  14. azkmymonkey

    Best riding boots?

    I also just bought some new Thor MX boots. I got a deal on them and bought them without trying them on. I haven't ridden in them yet, but I can't walk in them. What is the quickest way to soften them up a little, or am I not supposed to be able to move my ankle at all?
  15. azkmymonkey

    Lost Key

    I've had something similar happen, despite buying mine new. I accidentally left my only key on my tailgate while loading my bike after riding, and in turn lost the key somewhere on the trail. I know you bought your bike used, but did you get any paperwork with it? The dealer that I bought mine from was able to track down the key code through the VIN number, then it was only a few bucks to have another key cut. Best of luck to you.