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  1. thanks!
  2. yes...
  3. cool, thanks.
  4. hey guys, anyone have a manual for a 2000 rm125. doing my buddies forks and need the fork oil level range. Thanks, B
  5. Anyone try to mount a side panel fuel tank? Ive seen a few by Baja Designs, none for the KLX but figured something could be made to work. thought this might be better than a bigger tank as I want to keep the weight back.
  6. Wow, they have whatever I might need... thanks. I did buy a 650R sprocket yesterday and its VERY different... too big.
  7. Are the KLX 650c sprockets different from the R model? I see most application guides list different app's, and that the C model has cush drive while the R has solid mount. Mainly looking for a 52 tooth rear sprocket for my C model and not finding much.
  8. anyone know of a good aftermarket carb for the klx 650? Ive heard the FCR 40 might work...