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  1. vision46

    jetting for xr 440

    hi i know you where asking a question on jetting but i was wondering if you solved your problem because i 2 have just biult an xr 440 with a mikuni but it is backfireing running lean could you tell me wat jets you used please! Thanks Richiee
  2. vision46

    xr440 problems

    it sounds like your cam is up side down you should have the lobes faceing down at tdc.
  3. vision46

    440 kit with stage 2 cam and CDI??

    can some 1 help me Ive fitted a xr440 kit wiseco 12.5:1 stage 2 hotcams tm36 carb k+n Filter Gordon's mod when i first started it i had no problems finding tdc to start her up but after about 2 hours runin time i cant turn the kick start to find tdc. but when i use the decompression leaver she free and easy let go of the decompression and its stuck again. i am 10 and a half stone and i have to jump on the kick start wat ever postion it is in some time it goes down some times not. most times she fire 1st kick but if she doesn't it takes a few kicks which is not easy let me tell you. once started she runs fine the cam is a bit loud but this is normal so Ive been told by hotcams. can any 1 tell me is this normal