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  1. jwest

    first race... DNF...

    Heh, ya, been looking at the results myself. Guess there were 70 guys not 57 in my class. Congrats on being able to see yourself on paper (compy screen). I know how it feels to be missing... We'll get'm next year. It'll just take a little more training ;-) JW
  2. jwest

    first race... DNF...

    I raced my YFZ in the ATV Vet-C race. We had 57 finisher just in our class. The whoops were my undoing. Just could run the throttle after 2 laps. Had a great start, tried to stay relaxed, but still pumped-up bad. Beat 50 got beat by 6.... So it goes. JW
  3. How do you make a small fortune racing??? . . . . . Start-out with a big one ;-) Focus on enjoying what you do. Good luck, JW
  4. jwest

    Pismo Beach Race

    Great charity event. If you missed it, start making plans for next year. JW
  5. jwest

    Pismo Beach Race

    I'm entered... ATVs race Sat 22nd Bikes race Sun 23rd Buggies CCs<1300 err something. no real cars You gotta read their forum to get the latest info. JW #92 YFZ450
  6. jwest

    poll on yfz pipes

    CT Racing Stainless... Quieter than most YFZs I've heard. Nice to have the spark-arrester when arround rangers. With ProDesign/K&N filter set-up, CT jetting, and cam-mod makes great hp over the whole rev range. JWest
  7. jwest

    Better protection.

    32:1.... the piston/rings/etc. can get by with very little. But the main bearings and other spinny things down stairs need the extra oil