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  1. Did anyone else think that the Supercross preview show on TV tonight had WAY better cinematography than Supercross: The Movie!!!
  2. Where do you all meet at Hardrock? I was thinking about going there too...
  3. I went from a 250 to a 450 and after a couple of weeks of practice with the throttle it was just fine. I think you'll be suprised after riding it a bit how quickly you'll get used to big red and won't want to change it. Just my .02
  4. The first paragraph is made up of lines right out of the drill instructor scene in the movie Full Metal Jacket. If they can't come up with anything better than that then their program probably sucks or is a cheap copy of something else.
  5. Thanks for the report!
  6. Great vid...better than a lot of those other home retard vids.
  7. Hardrock!
  8. Thanks! How is the clay, like Durhamtown clay tracks or more like Hardrock with all those little rocks?
  9. How do you get to Cully's from Orlando? What are their open practice times/days?? Thanks!
  10. Man you should at least get a CRF250X and convince your wife it is a trail bike like the TTR. Then at least you could pin it every now and then when the kids aren't around for a little fun!
  11. Is the new track in Brooksville you mentioned Cullys?
  12. Call me crazy but you claim to have raced but your list has you riding a TT-R250?! No one in their right mind would have that racing at a pro level. A friend of mind has one of those and it is a PIG. Makes a good girls bike...
  13. That is the gayest video I've every seen! I coun't stop laughing about how lame the riding was. I'm not saying that I'm a great rider but to do slow mos on that kind of riding and post it was hilarious!