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  1. newzook

    What do you take on a trail ride?

    Don't see a Spot or an Arc or a signal mirror and maybe even some trail flagging. You could use emergnC and or some Goo packets, something to use as a tourniquet, x battery (gps or flashlight or whatever) maybe some fire starter pucks or gel. and a filled flask and cigar for when you know you're not gettin' out right away.
  2. newzook

    Best bike you ever owned, rode or own now ?

    ez. my 09 roadglide. worse bike, my hodaka
  3. newzook

    KTM Mech

    I'm new to the Prescott area and I heard somewhere that there is a high speed, X (or maybe current)- Pro KTM Enduro rider that wrenches on KTM's in the Cottonwood Az area. Anybody know this person?
  4. newzook

    Calif 09 Husky

    and that means registerable in CA??????????????????????????
  5. newzook

    2009 Te 310

    I seem to have the same problem, 310 vs 450 for mixed trails, forest roads etc, cabernet vs IPA...It's making me pibolar
  6. newzook

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    a lot of x's including motorcycles: x Saddleback and Ascot Sherpa S pilot, '68 Husky WR 250 des pilot, x Yammer 250 DT2 Jones Rep mx pilot, x Sherpa T and Cota- Plonkers pilot, a lot of x Harley's incldng x AHDRA E1W plate holder, x DRZ 400 Black (and other) Hills trail bike, x USFS AFMO, x USDI Arson Prosecutor 2B (soon) and the best job, an '09 310rydr2b
  7. newzook

    Our kid's MX Christmas

    I musta had the same rules and a similar paper route. Learned the rules and never looked back. Great lessons translated into great times riding....
  8. newzook

    I am changing my sprocket ratio

    For us 48 somethings falling down is good practice and keeps the body in touch w/reality plus it's a good time to take a break....And now we even have our (TT) own Dr. Crash to confer with or pre condition with....14/47 works in the woods/ fire roads pretty good for me w/ DRZ S stock pipe and not too many other mods, although I'd like some more bottom end...
  9. newzook

    The Master 3x3 Post

    Eddie, thanks for the reply. I never would have even been close if wasn't for your advice. In a previous seperate post you also advised me to check the float level and set for 13. The stock setting was right on. It just likes the air.
  10. newzook

    The Master 3x3 Post

    I ran into some stubborn just off idle bog on my '04 S that I needed to go even leaner on than recommeded by Eddie. For 4000' up I just couldn't get rid of the bog with the air screw ( stock motor, pipe, w/ DJ and 3x3). I'm at 22.5, 136, clip 2 with a washer under it, and a little less than 2 3/4 on the AS. It's almost perfect but not always. When I put the Twin Air on it it acted as though it had a 25 pilot in it. All these carbs seem to have a similar problem re the Husky TE and Yammer posts.....
  11. newzook

    Husky rental in socal/Baja?

    Coffee, why would I want to buy my TE in SF?
  12. newzook

    04 TC 450 good deal?

    So why wouldn't I want one of these, I've been looking at '07 TE 450's, vs my current '04 DRZ S- and help out here, what are the downsides?
  13. Hey Burned, on your recommendations for 3500-5000' I have my stock pipe and motor, South Dakota bought new '04 DRZ S, now with 510 miles, set up w/ 3x3, 134, clip 3, 22.5 pilot, three turn idlescrew. Most of my riding is trail or woods type at 2500' and above. The bike starts well and doesn't decel pop. I have a continuing 0-1/8 or 1/4 throttle hesitation, either while running or from a stop, that just doesn't seem to go away when riding at anything above about 1800 ft in all temperatures. I've tried moving the idle screw in and out an 1/8 at a time to a full turn either side of 3 with only a little improvement as I go out to 4 or more turns. The clip change from 4 to 3 seem to help but not cure the problem. I thought a twin air might help but seems to have made it worse or at least it didn't change. Go leaner- lose power? run a K&N? Float bowl/ level? Two more lbs of air in the rear tire?
  14. newzook

    Is the MCCT necessary only for abusers?

    don't sell 'em all.....