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  1. lennox honda450

    newbie hello

    thanks for the info, everything i hear about the yz250 is good:worthy:, its suprising how many riders are going back to a 2-smoker here in the UK, YZ250- the god of off road bikes!!!
  2. lennox honda450

    newbie hello

    how many hours can i expect to get from a piston? going to be riding mainly MX practice tracks with the odd hare scramble, going to try running premix at 40-1 with silkolene 2-smoke oil and see how it goes.
  3. lennox honda450

    newbie hello

    Thats good to hear, just going over the YZ checking everything forgot how easy a smoker is to work on compared to the 4-stroke!!!
  4. lennox honda450

    newbie hello

    just want to say hello, just replaced my 2005 CRF450 with a 2005 YZ250 smoker:applause: , aint had chance to try it yet due to a broken ankle!!! has any body else made this swap? just hoping i've made the right decision.
  5. lennox honda450

    Pre-mix in gas and deisel oil in motor for 450's??

    thanks for the reply gents, gonna try some 15/40 valvoline this weekend and see what happens.
  6. lennox honda450

    Pre-mix in gas and deisel oil in motor for 450's??

    Hi guys, just reading this thread, has anybody had any problems running the valvoline 15/40w oil in their motors and gearboxes i.e clutch drag, valve problems etc? I work for cummins so have access to this oil.