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  1. I believe BBR sells them.
  2. Probably. I would clean the carb just to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  3. The rear bearings apear to be pretty stuck. Is there a way to get them out with houselhold items? (no bearing puller) I've already tried pushing them out by getting behind them and hammering but they seem solid. Any replies would be appreciated.
  4. No, HD stands for Harley Davidson even though I have no clue why they're talking about Harleys in the TTR forum.......
  5. ditto:thumbsup: yz all the way
  6. you may be able to JB it. depending on the size of the crack you could end up using alot
  7. i think it'd be kinda cool:thumbsup: if they did that:cry:
  8. 1. hitting a ravine going 30 doesn't feel good:thumbsdn: 2. forgetting to refill the crankcase after you empty it:censored: 3. watch out for trees:rant: 4. don't look around and "sight see" 5. don't get comfortable with your riding (that's when you wreck) 6. i'll say it a third time- if you're friend can't start your bike, don't let him ride it
  9. you may have scored the cylinder:excuseme:
  10. i don't like B.C. Rich much........get the rev box
  11. after i replaced the clutch shift shaft on my ttr i forgot to refill it w/ oil:bonk: well i rode it around for about 10 minutes before i realized i had forgotten something. it did not affect the engine in any way
  12. i would personally consider that a waste just because u wouldn't be able to use the full potential of the frame
  13. armorall makes wheels look good but to clean other stuff i just clean them w/ soap and water as much as i can
  14. well used automatic transmission oil cleans up rubber real well