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  1. Thanks for all the help guys, but I think I fried the starter, so I'll have to get that fixed first and then I'll work on all the suggestions you gave me.
  2. Thanks, I'll try that!
  3. Yes I did that. The spark was very small though, almost hard to see. I got shocked though lol, so I'm guesing it's not that?
  4. Dont have the stock petcock on the bike. Also need to mention the bike has all the smog crap taken off of it. Thats how I bought it. I noticed on the bottom of the carb, right next to my extended fuel screw, it looks as if a hose is missing. Does anyone know where that hose is supposed to go?
  5. DRZ-400S, Mikuni BSR36 Single. Last ran a week ago.
  6. Hey guys bike has run great for the 3000 miles that are on it. Went to start it up today and it just turns over and wont start. Bike has the 3x3 mod, DJ Jet Kit., Yoshi Exhaust. First, changed plug, not that. Checked Ignition box, not that. Pulled carb, everything looks good, it had fuel in it. I'm thinking the cylinder is not receiving gas from the carb, is that possible? My plug is dry as hell. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
  7. Really, can you explain?
  8. It only has 25 hrs and looks new. I'm interested in it because of the License Plate. It's almost impossible to get one in CA with a plate.
  9. I'm pretty sure you need to re-jet. You have the CA model right? I have an 09 and put a ful fmf system on it, but I re jetted. The bike runs lean off the show room floor, so I wouldn't risk it
  10. Bought a left over 09 a couple of weeks ago (CA model). Rode the bike home, and was sick to my stomach with the power. Well I ordered the FMF Power core, and mega bomb header, along with the dyno jet kit. Installed the 128 main, kept the stock pilot, changed the needle, turned the fuel screw two turns out, and removed the air box lid. Bike feels a little better, but seems to have too much bog with the low end power. Top end is very good though. Any suggestions? I really like the bike but don't think its running correct.
  11. The RMZ is hands down the best bike I have ever ridden, and I've been on a lot of bikes.
  12. My guide says it's the 2008 race???? Whats going on?
  13. We had to leave Jawbone today cause of so much rain. Some parts of the road were getting very bad.
  14. You just have to get use to it. I have the 08, and at first it was tricky to start, but now it's pretty simple.
  15. lol.