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  1. snowman02

    Pics my WR 450

    Gotta say you hit this one out of the park. Excellent. I'm jealouse.
  2. snowman02

    82 Honda ATC 250R Piston

    This is my buddies three wheeler, he just got it from a friend of his, and on top of the piston it has a .050 stamped on top of it. So i am assuming it was punched fifty over, am I wrong for assuming that?
  3. snowman02

    Honda 82 Honda ATC 250R Piston

    Top end siezed and I know it has a fifty over piston in it. I am looking to get a new top end kit for it. The cylinder is in good shape just needs to be honed. Where can i find the top end kit for a reasonable price.........please help:ride:
  4. Just want to sat thank you all for the support and addvice. And TT is a great site to be a part of. Great people here. Ride on
  5. I have a similar story. This was in the desert out on the Mojave trail. Son (15) daughter (13) and myself hooked up with my sons girlfriends family to do some riding. All went well for majority of the day. My son and his girlfriend went out for a little ride together, figured they would be back in 30 min. to an hour. 1.5 hrs later her dad and myself went looking for them and our too youngest his son and my daughter decided to follow us, two miles into the search i finally noticed the two rug rats behind us. I stop and tell them to stay between the adult, cuz the last thing i need is searching for 4 kids in the middle of the Mojave Trail and it is getting close to dusk. Now they are all on quds and i'm on my WR. we search for about an hour after no luck we stop to look from a hill, and i decide to go back to camp and dump the younger ones and go out by myself, if the older ones aren't back. Well everyone get started and I told the three one adult and two kids on quads to go and i'll catch up. I take off 3 min. after they left me, not more than a mile away i see two of them stopped and 1 is not my daughter, asked what is going on the dad said he stopped to wait for me and my daughter just kept going past them, i asked why didn't u go after her and he said he was waiting for me:banghead: Now my little girl is somewhere in the Mohave Desert lost..... I left the other two there told them to go back to camp and if we are not back in an hour call for a search. The sun is now down below the horizon. I travel 10 miles in every direction i could possibly think that she would have gone. I decide now to go up a wash that went directly up a rocky mountain, my last resort 2 miles in the wash and i see this yellow blip walking down the wash, walking!! Damn WR never went that fast before:ride: I get to hear dump my bike and grab her and give her the biggest hug ever with tears of joy :lol: . She got her quad stuck in the sand trying to turn it around when she finally figured out she was alone and went down the wrong trail. All was good though, because another 15-20 mins and it would have been pitch black. Sorry so long, but that is my horrific story about losing a child in the mass desert.
  6. No, I didn't counter sue. I did think about it, but I guess I'm just too nice of a person. I just wanted this guy out of my hair. Thank you all for all the info given and for all the support.
  7. oh ya and i almost forgot. Court was over at 4:07 P.M.
  8. O.K. so here it is finally. Court date was today at 3:30 P.m. and it didn't start till 3:45 P.M. Judge asked plaintiff to tell his side. He does. Judge asked me my side and I do. I inform him that I was not aware of the new laws in Az. about the OHV sticker at time of sale. Judge askes plaintiff if he new of this new law and he did not. Judge askes plaintiff if he believes that he received the exact product that I had represented in selling and plaintiff said yes. Judge askes me if I had proof of purchase and I told him that I did not because I picked the quad up from the port of Los Angeles right off the boat from China. He asked plaintiff if I told him this, plaintiff said yes. He than asked plaintiff if he were aware of the new law in Az. about the OHV sticker which began in Jan. of "09" he was not aware of this, judge that tells him that was your bad. Seeing that in my (judge) opinion the plaintiff did not or was not misrepresenting what he was selling, I rule in favor of defendant (me). :lol: Case Closed.....
  9. snowman02

    Enduro cross on speed

    Yes, it was 07. He was pissed because it would have given him the third win in the 3 race series and he would have won the big money. I guess he felt his teamate should have given it to him. But would he have???
  10. snowman02

    Jetting issues need help!!!

    Thanx William. Just finished taking carb off again and rechecking all the jets everything looked good. So I determined that it was that piece of crap qickshot creating my problems, so I took it off and put the OEM AP cover back on. And low and behold most of the problem fixed. The only thing left is the slight backfire on deceleration. Other than that the damn beast is back.
  11. Any help please!!!! I have been reading through the jetting threads, trying to figure out what might be wrong with my jetting. At this point I am getting somewhat confused though. I have not riden in about 18 months nor have I done anything to the bike, due to bad back. Today I took the carb off did a thorough cleaning. While carb was off I finally put my Quickshot2 on. Put carb back together installed on bike. Bike started on first kick WOW was I surprised. Let it warm up a bit pushed choke in and the bike was idling like crazey, so i played with the fuel screw turned it all the way in and the idle didn't change much. Turned the fuel screw out to 3 turns and still no change. Is this due to the quickshot I just put on? So I am a bit stumped. I am not sure if I should start with the pilot or the needle clip & position. Here are my current setting with all mods done to bike with FMF powercore exhaust. The bike had been running great 18 months ago. Tell me if i'm doing this wrong. I have the idle turned down just enough for bike to run. Than I start adjusting fuel screw and shouldn't the idle start to raise? If so, it's not and i'm not sure if that has to do with which jet. While riding the bike after it warms up it runs pretty good but it has a slight popping on deceleration and popping when you blip the throttle in nuetral. Please any help would be appreciated. Year:2002 Model (400 - 426 - 450):426 Cam Timing (WR/YZ):WR Main jet:170 Pilot Jet: 45 PAJ:Stock Leak Jet:N/A Starter Jet:Stock Fuel screw (turns out):1.75 Needle Model/Clip position:JD red/5th For Summer 120 degree heat. Winter see below. Grey Wire Mod (Y/N):Y TPS Connected (Y/N):Y Airbox Snorkel/Lid (on or off): Snorkel Out, Lid Modified AIS Removed (Y/N):N?A Airfilter Brand:Twin Air Exhaust Brand:Stock header muffler FMF PowerCore4 Average Altitude:sea level to 2000' Average Temperature:45-125 degrees F Average Humidity: 5-100 Percent Degree of Satisfaction (0-10):So far 10/10. Additional Mods/Comments:Thick o-ring mod from the JD kit.
  12. You have to take in account that these brakes do not have a power booster like a car, and if you had been pumping the brake lever with out any fluid in the resivour, you have filled the brake line with mostly air, so it may take awhile to get the air all out.
  13. Ditto to suggestion. Another suggestion is to take a log piece of new clear fuel line that is tight enough to go around the bleeder screw. fill a small jar or glass with brake fluid. put hose to bottom of filled jar, open bleeder and pump the hell out of the brakes ( be sure line stays in jar) like power bleeding them. This should help with getting most of the air out. Than do a final bleeding with prior suggestions till lever is stiff.
  14. Ok, here are a few steps to help you out. If you do not have a power bleeder. 1) Be sure resivour master is full W/ cap on. 2) pump the brake lever a couple time hold it down. 3) Than open the bleeder on the caliper till fluid comes out you should see air bubbles coming out as well. 4) Close bleeder before releasing brake lever. 5) repeat steps till all air is out of lines and resivour. 6) Be sure to recheck resivour after a few bleeds to make sure you don't suck more air into line.
  15. snowman02

    01 WR 426 Steering damper advice.

    Here are a few pics of my 02 WR426 with a GPR stabilizer V-2 with sub mount and new triple clamp. You can also go to my garage for more pics. Hope this helps.