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  1. hobbler

    dumb question - how to add fork oil?

    thanks guys! I plan to use the syringe approach (have loads of these w/ the 2 little ones), and, will add the same brand/wt oil that the shop put in (if I decide to add any at all). I really appreciate being able to validate what I thought was the case, but, was sure.
  2. hey, any guidance is appreciated. I just had the shop re-do my seals, and, lowered my oil height on my '05 crf450r. In the event I find them too soft, and want to add more oil, is it as simple as unscrewing the small screw (i always thought it was for air bleed) on the top of the forks, and, adding oil in measured increments?
  3. hobbler

    All this talk of wheelies...let see the pics.

    How do you post a pic? I have .jpg's stored on my hard-drive, but, looks like I need to be hosting a website and provide a url link?