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  1. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Any good Berg's for sale?

    Some pics...
  2. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Any good Berg's for sale?

    I've got a 07 FE550, mint < 25 hrs. I'm in S CA.
  3. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Vacation Pics fron Daniel Boone

    Great Pics!! I miss ridn' back east. Greeeeennnn!!!!
  4. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    I need a radiator...Help...

    South Bay may have one. I returned a new one for a 02 E about two months back. 310-784-7690
  5. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Does 03 C or E have a 3 or C as 8th digit?

    My 03 E is green stickered. Got it from DMV last week.
  6. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    03 Radiator

    Interesting. That's certainly not what my understanding was when I spoke with the dealer a few months back. That's why I waited for a 03....green sticker and larger rad. Solid Solutions web site lists guard for "All 03 440s" so they must be out of the loop too. I will let you know how my dealer handles this.
  7. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    03 Radiator

    Went to bolt on Solid Solutions 03 radiator guard on my 03 E440 and it's too big! Measures 15 inches across and rad. is 13....looks like I have a 02 radiator on this thing. Has anyone else with a 03 encountered this? Thanks Guys!
  8. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Harley Davidson to buy Cannondale?

    Interestingly in this weeks Cyclenews was an announcement of record revenues for HD for fiscal 02 and right below that article was CD's Chapter 11 announcement.
  9. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    HR has a new hauler!

    HR, Good choice! I've got a 2000 F350 SD PS w/chip and K&N... easily get 22/16 mpg. Truck weighs nearly 4 tons empty! Have been back/forth east coast twice. Great ride!
  10. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Cyclenews article

    PC, I yawned when I read this clip. CN is about two-three weeks behind in getting their news. TTers knew about this weeks ago and had a pretty intensive discussion. I'm confident C'dale will work out their financial woes one way or another. They have too good of a product otherwise. They may need some more financial backing to get through the unpredictables (slow economy, etc.) Most do not realize (and appreciate) the gargantuan effort the Montgomery's undertook with this effort! It's always so easy to criticize. Stay abreast to TT to get the latest and greatest!
  11. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    03 C440Rs on the way!

    Thanks HR! Been on this site just scoping for a year now. Have watched the development of the bike since the rumors and prototypes back a few years ago and all the threads too. Its been a pretty damn impressive effort on the part of Dale. If they can gain the consumers confidence, which is building, and hopefully the economy rebounds this year, I think they'll be around very strong for the next ten and more! I'm going to call Dusty tomorrow to verify whether these changes are truly coming and what else he knows!
  12. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    03 C440Rs on the way!

    Called Dusty at South Bay Moto and my C440R is in shipment and should arrive next week! This will clear up the questions on the new tank size and fuel pump being a pusher in the tank. Can't Wait!!!
  13. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Latest Evolution?

    Hey guys, Ordered a 03 C440R a month ago from South Bay Moto. Want that green sticker! Dusty checked with his rep and indicated delivery possibly sometime in Jan... No definite.. because they were redesigning a larger fuel tank and moving the pump to the tank (whether its in/out the tank ??). He stated mods would be retrofittable to earlier 03s not sure on 02s. This all according to the rep. That's all I know at this point... waiting.
  14. Rockhopperw/a/thump

    Cannondale at 30,000'

    "The bike I want is the C440R but it has yet to materialize...why is this?" TT Newbie, I've ordered a C440R from South Bay and according to their rep. may be in in Jan. sometime. Cannondale is doing some major rework on the fuel tank (enlarging) and relocationg the fuel pump to the tank (pusher instead of puller). Based on info. from South Bay, mod. can be fitted to earlier 03 Es and Xs. (not sure on 02s). We will see.
  15. Rockhopperw/a/thump


    FYI, Ordered a 03 C440R and Dale cannot confirm delivery date... hopefully in Jan. I've been informed by me dealer the fuel tank is being enlarged and fuel pump moved to the tank. We will see......