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  1. yeah i was just there, i think they mean to stay on the trails, like no offroad vehicles of the roads
  2. if you park off of outlet center drive off of the 15 fwy you can take the sandrail track, (near the entrance and just go east) all the way there, nice trail turns into a wash after. itll be on your left u can see the road from the trail
  3. do u still have them?
  4. some 2 stroke power right here, 04 125sx
  5. just wondering if there are any girls out there around 17 (my age) that ride in so cal??????? seems like there arent any around
  6. rm is pretty fast, keeps up with a 125sx
  7. yeah i have it, im 16, ride a lil street legal xr50 around, no probs yet.
  8. u guys know that bolt thing that bolts the seat down on the 04 and up SX's??????? isnt it dumb? mine got stripped already i took it off like 3 times. i just got a bolt and sum washers to fix it. the original piece cost 9 bucks. anybody have any solutions or ideas?????
  9. check out my garage
  10. nice bike how does it ride?
  11. i had to get mine rejetted
  12. try looking on craigslist.com
  13. were going up near barstow, hodge road or outlet center drive
  14. i think u can get one off ebay that eliminates the rev limiter, u just have to buy a special connector for it they say
  15. i used to ride on the south side of beaumont and the 10fwy off of beaumont ave. is that place still closed???