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  1. tonydeli7

    My new Yamaha super/street moto

    it looks nice mate!
  2. nice looking bike man!your graphics are very cool!
  3. tonydeli7

    Photoshopped bike of the day

    this is the new (K)TM250R with Electric starter amd custom-made blue Ohlins.....
  4. tonydeli7

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    my husky...
  5. tonydeli7

    weird clutch noise...

    500km-700km..maybe you're right....i haven't changed clutch plates for 1,5 year..and i use the bike every day!thanks for the...reminder!
  6. tonydeli7

    weird clutch noise...

    hi guys.i have a little problem... i'm in first gear ready to go,i let the clutch progressively and i hear a weird noise(when the clutch started to grab,sounded like 2 metals scraping,ggrrrrrrng) from the left side of the engine... what is it?!?!? the bike was warmed up and i had changed oil 1 week ago...
  7. tonydeli7

    Pipe turns red!!!

    it's normal...
  8. that's nice man!keep it up!
  9. tonydeli7

    Spotting a Fake. Say it isn't so.

    i believe it's real..... it must be photographer's error...wrong angle
  10. tonydeli7

    Its Here:-)

  11. tonydeli7

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    my precious..... ! now with black fork guards,kayaba stickers,new piston,new spark plug,new exhaust(from motocross model,my factory exhaust was 1.5x the kxf exhaust)
  12. tonydeli7

    PICS: my 06 KTM 450 EXC with supermoto kit

    Nice bike and nice pics man!