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  1. it looks nice mate!
  2. nice looking bike man!your graphics are very cool!
  3. this is the new (K)TM250R with Electric starter amd custom-made blue Ohlins.....
  4. 500km-700km..maybe you're right....i haven't changed clutch plates for 1,5 year..and i use the bike every day!thanks for the...reminder!
  5. hi guys.i have a little problem... i'm in first gear ready to go,i let the clutch progressively and i hear a weird noise(when the clutch started to grab,sounded like 2 metals scraping,ggrrrrrrng) from the left side of the engine... what is it?!?!? the bike was warmed up and i had changed oil 1 week ago...
  6. it's normal...
  7. that's nice man!keep it up!
  8. i believe it's real..... it must be photographer's error...wrong angle
  9. nice!
  10. my precious..... ! now with black fork guards,kayaba stickers,new piston,new spark plug,new exhaust(from motocross model,my factory exhaust was 1.5x the kxf exhaust)
  11. Nice bike and nice pics man!