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  1. evilbob666

    bbr bore system on a ttr125l??

    yes thanks 356
  2. evilbob666

    bbr bore system on a ttr125l??

    hi i have had a bbr big bore DONT get it it is not really worth it if you have the bux go with the logan built 170 kit on the powroll 160 kit it is alot better than bbr's imo bbr is overrated yes they have alot of parts but the only thing i wouuld get from bbr is there chain guide frame cradle and pipe and swingarm but everything else isnt that good check out procycle.us for some good prices on ttr parts
  3. evilbob666

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    my pm box is empty too but you caoud always email them to me too awsome lookin girll tell her i said hi
  4. evilbob666

    Don't laugh.

    http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=10/29120342688.jpg&s=x10 go as my little bro no this is not a halloween costume this is what he normally wears yes those are thor mx boots
  5. evilbob666

    Pics of your ttr woods bike

    yay im back yes i have the 170 kit had 150 those are old pix i got banned for havin 2 accounts
  6. evilbob666

    pics of TTR 125 W/BBR pipe

    shut up newbie if you dont know you dont deserve for us to tell you
  7. evilbob666

    pics of TTR 125 W/BBR pipe

    yes i would feel bad
  8. evilbob666

    disc brakes on ttr125

    i am currently in a legal battle with my insurance company my camera got stolen out of my truck at the races and they said they wont cover it because i had not reason to keep it in my truck so when i get my money from them i will get a new camera i have some old pics i can post when i get home but i prolly cant post them till tomarrow cause im at the hospital with my girlfriend at the moment the pics are with some mods but not everyhing
  9. evilbob666

    disc brakes on ttr125

    i really dont give a shit wut you think too be honest my dealer did it and i wasnt there to watch so im not really sure how they did it but i can look into it for you i never said i smoked a 250f in a drag race i said i beat a 250f on a tight track and that was my bone stock 250f and a couple of the 250f's from the local track
  10. i have cut down bars and bark busters and a camel back thanks for the tips
  11. evilbob666

    ttr 125

    so you got banned
  12. evilbob666

    disc brakes on ttr125

    way way way too much it is a little expensive but it is well worth it look at my garage i dont have pix but i have my setup on there
  13. evilbob666

    disc brakes on ttr125

    i have a 250f disk on it it helps alot ask your machanic if he could put a 250f disk on it
  14. evilbob666

    Are Steering Stabilizers worth the money??

    dude i have one on my bike
  15. im a track guy but im gonna try some hare scrambles anyone got some tips?