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    I like sunsets,long walks on the beach,and puppies!
  1. GrizzlyFlatter

    california PiPi?

    Is PiPi open? Should I ride my ATC 200 or my buddy's quad with the Big Gun exhaust?? Also are there any big animals out there who can kill me?
  2. GrizzlyFlatter

    Elkins FLat "Home Cookin" ride report 4/22/17

    Had one following me several years back when I was hiking and clearing a few miles of route 31 with a 28" chainsaw. It was evening as well so things got a little spooky but I kind of like that! Fairly used to them close to home and chased one down a local trail on a mountain bike about 1 1/2 years ago! Good fun!
  3. GrizzlyFlatter

    Elkins FLat "Home Cookin" ride report 4/22/17

    Time for me to jump back in the riding game! I had a hip replaced a year ago and my orthopedic surgeon gave me the "go ahead" recently. No stadium jumps though was the one condition!
  4. GrizzlyFlatter

    Elkins flat Hippy ,warn'n,need available riders

    This is the Rainbow Family Gathering!Bunch of tweakers and Deadheads mostly in need of a bath!From what i have observed as some of them strolled through town or were hitchhiking their way to the event most have been filthy and stoned out of their gourds on one thing or another.Since the F/S is out there anyway they should bring a firetruck and hose them down,Oh wait that would give them mud to roll in and they would like that!As far as resource damage goes they according to some of their website propaganda are assembling together to usher in a new "Green Earth"!Your tax dollars are likely supporting most of them!
  5. GrizzlyFlatter

    Elkins flat camping / pipi

    Native surfaced roads are actually open this April 1st!They have been open year-around here locally around Grizzly Flats,but only for meth labs,car thieves,and illegal wood cutters.Trash dumping and pot growing season has just re-opened!
  6. GrizzlyFlatter

    PiPi enduro

    No class for D riders or mountain bikes so I'll have to sit this one out! Actually I probably will have grandsons here this weekend and I haven't ridden in ages!
  7. Snow (1 1/2")here in Grizzly,more expected tonight and tomorrow!
  8. GrizzlyFlatter

    Court Orders Closure of 42 Popular OHV Routes!

    I'm not saying it is the fault of all of us,just that things could have been one better over the years to not draw negative attention and to positively represent ourselves.Much of the trouble that I see is caused by locals who are going to tear things up and create problems regardless of closures or the public image they create!They are more concerned with whether their buddies are impressed or not!
  9. GrizzlyFlatter

    Court Orders Closure of 42 Popular OHV Routes!

    Get yourself familiarized with ALL your regional trails legal and SS,then run-run rabbit and make LEO's earn the right to give you a ticket! Uh-ohh!Here come the Black helicopters!
  10. GrizzlyFlatter

    Court Orders Closure of 42 Popular OHV Routes!

    Long past fed up on this issue.F/S enforces the "law" selectively,I have neighbors who have torn out or moved property markers and monuments and built on F/S land without prosecution even though the F/S is fully aware of the situation as they surveyed and replaced said markers in 2004 only to have them ripped out again immediatly.Since they have not responded for 8+ years I figure this gives me 8+ years to ignore their closures without any action.I have not renewed green stickers for years and I am not sure that I will.If you ride routes that are not legal why worry about registering the bike.I do not ride much anymore but am out in the forest quite a bit on mountain bikes or on foot and still do trail maintenance.I can tell you that the motorcycle community in general has done a big part in bringing closures about by the irresponsible behavior on the part of many riders whether it be roosting deep ruts just for the sake of tearing things up,(or when turning around)loud bikes,trash left behind,or all of the above we collectively have shot ourselves in the foot at times.We also failed to appear at many of the field trips and meetings,the leftist greenies sure show up even if it was their first time in the forest.The 4wd clubs did a far better job at attending the field trips but I met very few from the m/c community other than Silverlake rider and a few others.There were 2 field trips where I was the only one there other than enviro-nazis and F/S employees!The other problem I have experienced is poor attitude from M/C people when out doing trail maintenance at Elkins Flat because i was on foot or riding a mountain bike,I would be completely off the trail and out of the way but some still saw fit to cuss me for being there!I will say that many also expressed thanks!We need to stick together and not fan the flames with other trail users.I am glad to live right next to the forest but miss the days when I could ride from home without fear of getting cited and fined.Hopefully some good sense will prevail.
  11. :ride:Great pics and videos!Makes me want to have a moto life again!I was considering selling my old KTM and getting a kayak or a new mountain bike!
  12. :bonk:Plan on deep snow for a while this year and tons of downed trees!I live near Elkins Flat and the area just East of me usually clears out before Elkins trails but it is knee deep or deeper not too far out.We had a lot of wet,heavy snow starting in November that snapped and buckled trees way more than usual.I had two hit my garage roof this year and one of those punched through.Trails are likely to be blocked for a bit until some chainsaw work gets done.
  13. GrizzlyFlatter

    El Dorado Closed for the Winter

    :ride:I'm sure that "Winter Closure" must simply mean that there will be no F/S staff on hand if you should need assistance such as:directions,route maps,refreshments,or first aid.This would be something akin to "Pool and snack bar closed,no lifeguard on duty,swim at your own risk":banana:.....They are probably keeping their manpower in reserve for a heavy season of trail mapping/building next spring and are busy manufacturing new route markers.Speaking of route markers,does anyone know if they will be installing more of those nifty red ones that are easy to spot and often mark some of the best routes,some of our markers have been torn down by local villains and ruffians and need replacing.They are much better than the old brown ones as they are easier to see when you are speeding down a connecting route and looking for your next trail.
  14. GrizzlyFlatter

    El Dorado Closed for the Winter

    :banana:I just looked up at the end of my street and the forest did not appear to be closed,just covered in snow.I have not been riding at all in the last year or more but have been out a lot on mountain bikes.Unless you get close to Elkins Flat I also have not seen too much in the way of law enforcement.Finances have been tight and my green stickers have expired which leaves me wondering what to do when I want to start riding again?I have pretty much followed the rules over the years but also have ridden many routes that are no longer on the happy list.I attended many of the meetings and field trips during the F/S closure process to no avail other than to be frustrated.:bonk:My question is if you have no green sticker and you ride illegal routes do winter closures still apply?
  15. GrizzlyFlatter

    Eldorado closed ??

    :bonk:Anywhere from 8-12" up here.May have to go snowshoeing on 31 with a chainsaw!