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  1. scapesinc

    Honda CRF450X (2005)


    just picked up this plated 450x
  2. scapesinc

    Honda CRF450X 2005

    just picked up this plated 450x
  3. scapesinc

    150r oil changed in to tranny HELP

    my neighbor changed his oil on his 07 150R and though that the oil dip stick is for checking the oil level and the tranny side was for adding. basically he rode with an over filled tranny and dry engine and seized it. his mom wants to sell me the bike for 750 Cash... it has black excels with HD spokes and two brothers slip on. not really sure if it is worth it i could rebuild/new engine OR ? what i should offer her price wise she wants it gone ASAP.. let me know what you think! ANY input would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  4. scapesinc

    What do 15 year olds ride?

    13xr100 14crf230 15-16 crf450r 16 kx500 or cr250
  5. scapesinc

    Good Deal???

    im looking to get a new bike and have a budget of 3000 i came across this and was really intrigued and its 2002 so its green sticker...sonsidering how i live in claifornia...so dose anyone think this is a good ass deal liek me? or what? any input would be GREAT! http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/mcy/296366123.html
  6. scapesinc

    What Skidplate do you use?

    i have a e-line one pice i got off ebay used and its basically metal this thing is VERY sturdy and LIGHT! if i was you i would try and get one off ebay they are usually in farly good condition and at good prices...
  7. I am doing the top end on my bike… Rings Piston Wrist Pin Piston Pin Clips Should i do valves?? Or anything else? It’s a 2002 and im sure this is the first time this has been done. i have previously shimmed the bike. But dose anyone recommend valves? Or anything else? THANKS!
  8. scapesinc

    Bike only starts when I give it throttle

    uh well for me i need new piston n rings..
  9. scapesinc

    best year for cr80

    My little bro is looking to get a cr80 so when i looked at them on like there were quite a few to chose from I am looking for nothing newer than a 2002 because I am from California and red sticker is an issue so from the 2002 and older what was the best year? Or are they all about the same? Any input would be great thanks!
  10. scapesinc

    CRF 450 bogging, help?

    you could try cleaning the jets but i recoment gettin ither new stock jets or get the JD jet kit
  11. scapesinc

    would you do this???

    if you live in california and wont a YEAR ROUND green sticker then yes get it if ur okay with red sticker then find another bike.........
  12. heres my problem to start my 02 450 i have to give it a little twist of the throttle and pray it dosent kick back but i was wondering dose this mean i need to do valves, shim, carb or even rings?! i rode my frinds 02 and his rides like night and day compared to mine.
  13. scapesinc

    L.e.m.p. Mud?

    i sprayt my hole bike with wd-40 the night before and then the next day (the day im going riding) i hit it again and yea some dirt get of there but with a hose it coems right off...i was suprised because one day i came home after riding and diditn wash my bike for a few days and with out and all the mud was dry i taped lietraly taped not hard at ALL and the mudd droped off and hit the floor...im goin with WD40!!!! so good luck trying other stuff...im set on wd40:thumbsup:
  14. scapesinc

    jetting help

    I got my 2002 crf450r with a RS3 yoshi pipe with a quiet core insert because i ride some trails and it has to be 96db but i was considering getting a jd jet kit. If i do what do you all recommend I jet it or any other ideas it doesn’t run very well my friends other 02 RIPS compared to mine so I am thinking my jetting is all messed up.
  15. scapesinc

    painting/power coating?

    I have searched threw a few pages and have not been able to find how people do this. I was interested in making my frame black i heard of painting and power coating i won’t to make my 2002 crf450r's frame black...what is involved what do i need to dissemble? And while doing this should i do any major lubing or such? To the bike that isn’t "needed" but could be done? Any input would be great thanks!