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  1. Hi guy's. 86 xr600r. Looking for any interest if I parted out the engine. I spun the countershaft spline & scored the cylinder after a rebuild yrs. ago, The engine has been apart coated w/oil, bagged & in such an order I could put it all back together if I decide too. The bike ran great but the oil pump may have been airlocked if that's possible & scored the cylinder. I took the cylinder over to a shop near bye, max power, I think & they told me it had to be bored. Well it's at 628 & kicks back sometimes & damn near breaks my leg! I'am not getting younger but my bones are getting more brittle by the day. I did & did have done, some fairly extensive work on the top end. A quick run through of the work done is as follows. 628, barnums stage 1 I believe it was cam ( I can measure the lift if you've got the specs.) I sent the head & barnums had the rockers hard welded to match the cam. Not inexpensive. Valve job done by Suters speed shop here in wi. Wiseco 10.5:1 maybe 10.25:1 comp. Just a quick idea of what's going on & wondering if there is any interest. I've got a 81 suz.gs1100e I ride that spooks me a little but I wouldn't mind sticking a cr500 or? engine into the xr frame since I've got a title for it. Any trades?
  2. timothypg

    Hard starting XR600R

    I've got an 86. On the linkage that connects the two carbs there is a tab to the secondary, i bent mine so the secondary opens the same as primary. Stock there was a small amount of lag on the secondary w/ mine. I have absolutely no bog and it made a noticable difference for me. I took them off to make things much easier to do.
  3. timothypg

    96 xr6r parts bike

    I'am waiting on a job, should know in a week or so.
  4. timothypg

    96 xr6r parts bike

    I was planning on useing the lower end of the 96 and putting the top end of my 86 on it. The countershaft splines on mine are gone, connecting rod .002 out of round and specs. it would cost several hundred to fix for parts alone. I did alot of work on my top end last year $$$ and don't want to lose that. I would also swap the front and back ends and anything else i could into my frame, (plated) then e-bay the left overs.
  5. timothypg

    96 xr6r parts bike

    I can get a 96 xr6r w/a shot top end. totaly rebuildable, for 600. sound good?
  6. timothypg

    (Another) dual carb question....'90 XR600

    what if you used a couple of those pod filters i think they are called. One for each carb, then ditch the airbox.
  7. I'am in the process of replaceing the countershaft on my 86 xr6r. There was oil on top of the piston, no good. There is scoring about 1 inch wide on the cylinder and the piston below the rings which leads me to believe a chunch of something came from below. anyways i think i can have the cylinder honed but my question is, should or can anything be done w/ the piston? The piston is new and i really do not want to bore it, I'am already resleeved and at 100mm. the scratches don't look to bad but are visible. I will get the cases split yet and see what is going on in there in a few days. Thanks for any help.
  8. timothypg

    tore up the countershaft xr6r

    I kind of thought the age might have something to do w/ the prob. and i will get a oem shaft for sure, also i will look for a shaft w/ more splines- great info. i would not have thought of that:thumbsup:
  9. well i thought i missed a gear when i was getting on it but nope, stripped the splines right off the countershaft. I recently went to a 628, cam etc. i wonder if that is more than the c.s. can handle. It is an 86 so it might just be age. Anyways it looks like i will really be tearing the engine apart this time. Has anyone done this repair? tips, or any advice? On the upside i will get a good look at how all the other work i have done is holding up. Honda has the shaft for around $90.00, if they even have them. The stupid tow cost more than that.
  10. timothypg

    thought i checked that.

    I used a wire and a magnet to get the parts out. Lost the tappet for awhile. It ended up going under the cam.
  11. timothypg

    thought i checked that.

    Did a valve adjust today. double checked everything. Fired it up and went for a ride. Got about 6 mi. and those valves were really singing. Tried loosening the decomp. a bit nothing. got it back home and DAMN, the left intake tappet and nut were gone, no wonder it was so loud. Anyways got the parts out and i will do it again, but this time check it 3x. If that had been on the cam side it could have been disaster. So if you think you checked things over maybe it is not a bad idea to check once more.
  12. timothypg

    handlebar vibe fix

    I don't have any pictures but the tape is on the bars on the outside of the bar clamps. i just wraped it around a couple times, don't really notice it. I think the foam does the most but a little hear and there adds up.
  13. timothypg

    handlebar vibe fix

    Sick of numb fingures. I squirt expanding foam inside the stock bars, wraped some self sticking rubber tape near the clamps on the bars and i rode all day on the roads yesterday w/no numb fingers. If you try this just take off the grips, squirt, cut off excess and there you go.
  14. timothypg

    xr600 break in?

    I just now got done doing my 1st oil change after break in. 86, xr600r. top end. bore. I ran mine pretty easy for a couple days. The last 2 days i have been giving it everything. It smoked alot at start up the first few days but that is gone now. It feels like everything is running perfect. Good luck. Tim
  15. After doing the top end last winter i finally have 100 or so miles on the break in and this thing rocks. 86 xr600r. It smoked like a mofo at first when i started it but that is gone now. 628,sleeve, 10.5:1, barnums mid cam, valves, springs (shimed), seats re-cut, ceramic head pipe, re-jet. still need to play w/needles and that should give me even more power. It starts much easier which surprised me. cruising at 50-55 mph in 4th i can get the front end to come up a little bit w/ no clutch. very fun:ride: