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  1. jsundberg01

    valves on a 99 yz 400f

    sweet deal
  2. jsundberg01

    valves on a 99 yz 400f

    are the valves titanium or stainless on the 99 four hundreds i burnt my intakes and am praying that they were still stainless on those earlier models
  3. jsundberg01

    selling my 400

    maybe in a few years, when i can actually afford the upkeep of a motorcycle
  4. jsundberg01

    selling my 400

    ive decided that it simply costs to much to keep this 99 yz 400f up to snuff. im thinkin of selling it for around twenty five hundred. lots of extras would come with to. what do you guys think?
  5. jsundberg01

    what to do with this shock???

    the shock is on a yz400f and there is no leak i was thinking of sending it off to factory connection, 150$ seems reasonable to me thanks for the advicce
  6. my rear shock has seemed to be awful bouncy as far as the rebound goes lately. is this a sign that it needs to be revalved or what. if so who would be the best company to send it to. thank for any info
  7. jsundberg01

    what clutch to get???

    what kind of clutch are you guys using. mine just recently started to slip on my 99 yz400f and would like to know what you suggest