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  1. i went with 51 in the rear. great for the local track that im at cuz its more supercross style with alot of jumps. but anywere else im not really liking it because i cant ride the gears out. im going to switch to 49 soon. much better for all around motocross tracks
  2. This is how im sorting it all out right now. Were im at in college you can literally party every single night of the week without a problem. me havin an 8AM class everyday makes that not such a good idea but fun does get in the way. i have to literally FORCE myself to make sure that i come right to my dorm and start bustin out my school work during the weekday and get ahead for next week so i have the weekend off. i no its hard but on friday nights i drink but i have to keep it to a minimum so that i can have a decent ride on saturday. saturday night drinking is a nono cuz the races here are sunday. and if you plan to ride sunday because it will come back and bite you. BELIEVE ME. now i have done a bit to much or college partying and drinkin...but you dont have to drink and have a good time.
  3. There was one guy on here that when he went to court he decided to devend himself. He called the police officer to the "stand" i guess or whatever. then he preseeded to ask questions like did i maintain my lane? did i maintain my speed? was i following at a correct distance? he eventually got out of it. however he was on a streetbike. dont know how hard you gonna be able to fight the dirtbike thing?
  4. MXridin841


    Now that im in college I wont be able to ride my bike as often as I would want to. In the previous winters I never did any winterizing because I still rode even though it was cold out. Is there anything that I should do to my bike since its going to be sitting for long periods of time? Thanks, Nick
  5. MXridin841

    Oil Tank Leak

    I need to be able to still take that top bolt out so that I can drain the oil out of the tank. Without that top bolt out air wont move into the tank during draining and it wont move the old oil out. I think that I will try the plumbers tape for now. Thanks alot fellas! -nick
  6. MXridin841

    Oil Tank Leak

    I have a serious problem with the bolt at the top of my oil tank. It seems that the threads are stripped pretty bad and is leaking oil once my bike starts to run hotter (oil getting thinner at higher temp). Have any of you guys experienced this problem and what are you doing to fix it. I tried using sylacone but it didnt work. Please give me a hand. Thanks, Nick
  7. MXridin841

    What a price

    Wow I remember the day I brought my bike home and it looked just like that. I was so excited. Brings back memories
  8. MXridin841

    Front End Alignment Issues...PLEASE HELP!

    Ended up getting my dad to come help me and we fixed the problem. Seems that when I took it apart the pads fell out of the clips but I couldnt tell that they had moved which is why I was so confused. Got her all back together though just have to bleed the front brake so that I can get pressure back. Thanks, Nick
  9. MXridin841

    So who thinks a redesigned engine in 2008?

    A friend of mine has the Suzuki LTR450 with the new EFI. Let me tell you what its pretty cool when you can PLUG IN a part and gain about 8hp. Theres no part for our bikes that we can do that with now. Once we get EFI hp numbers will most likely increase. And btw when TT added the EFI to there bike yeah they had problems but that wasnt a factory machine. When Yamah puts it together everything will be working perfectly before they sell it to us. Just my 2 cents.
  10. So I just took the front tire off of my bike so that I could grease my axle since it hasnt been done for awhile. Everything came off pretty smooth, cleaned all the dirt out, etc. When I go to line the hub up with the fork holes and align the break nothing works. So I just took the break assembly off and put the front wheel on and everything went fine. NOW THE PROBLEM: It seems that the break housing is running out of room to accomodate the disc. I have no idea what is going on because this has never happened to me before. I cleaned the break assembly thoroughly and everything looks fine. Im going to take some pictures later so that you guys can see what im talking about. Please help me out, Thanks -nick
  11. MXridin841

    Race fuels

    I run the VP 99 octane race fuel and I love it. Works great with 4 stroke bikes and doesnt really cost all that much.
  12. MXridin841

    Yamaha is a gas hog

    Maybe you ride harder then the CRF kid does...the harder you ride the more gas your going to use. You say that your straight leaving him out of the corners...sounds like your straight on the gas and hes not.
  13. MXridin841

    04 yz250f advice needed

    As long as that suspension is valved how you like it you will be good to go. That things sounds like its pretty nasty to me!
  14. MXridin841

    Seaford DE

    Was at Seaford this past weekend and let me tell you what the track was groomed perfectly except for the barrel jump which made me mad because I really like that thing. I would recommend going there to anyone! Thanks, Nick
  15. MXridin841

    selling their YZ250f

    Avlench...thanks for the comment I really appreciate it.