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  1. Thanks for the great write-up Tim---
  2. Fantastic videos- Thanks so much. We are heading down for a 17 day trip to Cabo and back next week on bikes and appreciate your preview of the scenery and great time to be had in Baja with friends. Do you know if the cantina at Scorpion Bay is open again?- And the palapas- we usually spend a night each way there, but they were closed last year-
  3. We stayed at Scorpion Bay a few days prior to the Baja 1000 and yes the cantina and cabanas were closed. We were told that some sort of legal problem has closed them temporarily. We stayed in the apartments behind the cantina and there is a temporary cafe (trailer) set up in front of the cantina that has drinks, burritos, etc. Hopefully things are sorted out as this is one of our favorite spots in Baja.
  4. We also stayed there on our way south and back north for the race. The place has been sold and Chary is no longer there. A Mexican couple is now running the place and the good ol' days may be over as the new owner is not putting any money into the much needed improvements. With that said, the sheets are clean, food good, gas available, and a great sunrise exists in the most beautiful bay in Baja- have a great time!!!
  5. Just finished a 2800 mi. Baja trip in Nov. and used a Kenda 270 in the rear- the tire still had tread left and did well in most conditions except deep sand. We rode about half of the Baja 1000 course and then headed south on mostly dirt. We use these tires to dualsport in the states and they work well for this. I decided to try one on this trip in place of the Dunlop's we usually use and would recommend it for a mixed use trip.