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  1. studd em cheap ,hell with buying tires. Ride man. many lakes wide open
  2. Load exhaust gets ya booted out.No noise no one knows or complains.Cloughs is a joke . I remember the days riding there riding any where.
  3. Glad to see others enjoying the ice. Last year on my DRZ400 and friends xr650r. This weekend was on studded atv's ( busted ribs heal time not done yet). Maybe next week on two wheels. THANKs for reminder to switch sprockets ICE=High speed
  4. China bikes? It's same thing we said about Japan few years back.I've been to China they are filled with Honda,Yamaha's, Odd name scooters When I was there there was some with very high miles. I rode a few while there .First scooter driving for me they got me around better than walking.
  5. Riding partner is better than bikes or car.
  6. Oh hell with bikes and quads I'll ride your Avatar .
  7. Check www.nhatv.com or www.nhatv.org be sure it's not atv only . Damm lot of no 2wheelup there.
  8. Look under a GMC2500hd I don't think the Tundra could carry the size of that diff.
  9. I've got same thing 28' (total trailer 32') With gmc duramax. Only bad part is being tow behing vs 5th wheel. Ya need more room that tractor trailer to turn.Everything has good/bad points.
  10. Sorry to hear about that. I don't sticker outside . That tells them what's in it. Lock wheels not the hitch.
  11. Thinking about no places to ride . Why don't they just let us ride all the land fill areas. I guess not we would ruin the cap on the dump??
  12. what year ? I have to see if they swap E TO S Don't really care about passenger pegs(e don't have them right?) Mine is 2004
  13. Love my duramax . But loved small older toyota's too. Toyota just bought big stock in Izusu corp. where Duramax came from. Maybe they'll start building trucks that can tow BIG stuff with out sucking gas like a black hole. Izusu builds small trucks diesel all over the world that get 40+mpg (none in USA).GM is working thier butts off to stay #1 Toyota is sneeking up on them. I can remember back in 75 when gas was reason they started selling.Vega's,Pinto's,Gremlin's didn't fight to well against the Toyota's tin cans
  14. I've gotten the few ass ones all ready. One in Wyoming who as i walked up to his car for directions on a east-west tour. Shit head opened his door slaming it into me &%$#@! . Ask for my licence. Must have been beating off. OTHER one was cop in West Palm Beach running his car into my truck in parking lot. Then call other dip shit to write me up lieing i was backing up. 99% at good . 20+ years no speeding tickets. One of my best things i've got is when that is seen checking my record. I'm freeeeee
  15. Was left side I saw perfic picture needed on "5k mile stock chain topic" My bitch got slamed hard it's for sure out of wack. I have picture of wacked frame. can't find http:// to sent it DA. Thanks again- bike is coming apart...