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  1. I recently bought awr 400 '98 whitch leaked a bit of oil. Therefor I went to the garage where they replaced the oil seal, the collar and the o-ring of the collar. After al this the oil isn't leaking anymore, it is flowing out of the seal . In the (!not professional!)garage they said maybe the axle was bent. After that i took it home and did some own research and the axle isn't bent at all. And it seems like the oil is comming from between the collar and the seal. It is not the slack of the chain because it happens too when the sprocket is removed (not when the engine is not running). Is it possible that the seal is badly placed or what could be another reason and what is the solution. I would be very thankfull for any suggestion, i'm truly desperate. See also thread; drive axle bent
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    drive axle bent

    I' recently buyed an wr 400 98 and it was oil leaking out of the seal of the drive axle. Therefor i replaced the oil seal, the collar and the o-ring in the collar. But yesterday i drove the bike and it still leaks oil (very much). Is it possible that the axle is bent or are there other possible reasons (i hope so)?? Sorry for this "belgian" english, i hope someone can help me, i'm desperet