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  1. Has anyone used the new Boyesen AP cover and does it really work? Is it worth the $70 to $80 it sells for? Are the gains if any that noticeable?
  2. Hey dude, I have a 2005 yamaha 450 and it is comparable to starting my CR-250. I find it very easy. It has an automatic decompression and it is a snap. It is considerably easier than the earlier 426's. I can start it sitting on the seat. Remember, when it is hot or I should say warm, use the hot start lever and you should have no problem. At 170 lbs you are going to fly. This bike truely rips. I am 6'3" and 210 pounds and this thing wants to pull my arms off. Ride safe. Aaron Francois
  3. Hello good people of Thumper Talk, I have a very basic almost embarrasing question or problem. I ride a 2005 YZ450-F and noticed that the chain adjuster blocks for the rear wheel are not the same on the left as they are on the right. There are more lines on the left than the right. Is this done on purpose, and if so do you count off the same number of lines on each block, or did I get a pair of bad blocks? Do you count from the rear of the block or the front or does it matter? I would appreciate any input. Thanks ATF
  4. ATF

    YZ-450 Suspension Settings

    Thank you very much for the info. Aaron
  5. I ride a 2005 yz-450. I weigh approximately 210 lbs with all my gear. I am curious if the stock suspension is sufficient for my weight. I ride mainly motorcross with some woods. What suspension settings do you suggest?