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  1. excer

    i was going how fast?

    thanks for the input. guess I'll just keep checking the mail. definitely going for the Traffic school. I'll give everyone a total dollar amount after everything is done as a deterrent for you other lead foots out there.
  2. excer

    i was going how fast?

    Coming home from the Elsinore GP Saturday (can't tell you how i did, some problem with the transponders or some BS) and got my first ticket in over 25 years. CHP said 80 in a 65. Question is: how much is this going to cost me? thanks for your input.
  3. excer

    Lake Elsinore Grand Prix details

    all signed up. anyone else planning to ride it?
  4. excer


    What in Hell (desert in September) were you doing out there yesterday?
  5. Just went over to "The Plate" side myself. They told me my timing was perfect, my green sticker was due end of this month. Was told to remove the greenie. Time will tell i guess. By the way, how many years do you get for riding the street without DOT tires?
  6. excer

    600H Caterpillar Motorcycle

    anyone notice that every V8 bike uses a Chevy motor. i think it's because ford sucks. :lol:
  7. excer

    Best Desert riding in Ca

    Superstition off I-8 near El Centro is great. little bit of everything. but if you've never been to Johnson Valley you should go before it gets smaller. not sure if the Marines are talking it all, but right now it's so big we have moved our camp from one end to the other on a long trip just so we could see the whole thing.
  8. i have some oil that appeared a couple weeks ago, thought it was the cylinder base gasket at first. posted this pic but no one replied. after riding and wiping the oil away every stop it looks like mine is the clutch cover also.was yours leaking like this?
  9. excer

    Weaping oil

    Saw this when i washed my bike after a ride last week and just thought i got spilled some oil when i topped off. but after a ride sunday this is what i found again. bike runs great, starts great. could it be a base gasket? my bike is a 05 525 EXC. has anyone had this problem?
  10. excer

    New Years, Superstition Mtn camp out, and ride!

    sorry! guess i never pay attention to the ad's. didn't know they constantly change but the one that was there seemed like an ad for a porn site. not anything to do with riding. i guess I'll stick to riding and not posting.
  11. excer

    New Years, Superstition Mtn camp out, and ride!

    hey johnny, i think your suppose to replace you divot. is it just me or is the ad at the bottom of the page mean anything?
  12. excer

    Gorman\LPNF ride Sunday the 21st?

    unfortunately after the rain this week i'm guessing they will shut down LPNF until the spring. another thread about gorman said the ranger told them when they get 4" of snow at 7000 ft. they will lock the gates. hope it won't happen yet, i've been trying to get up there before that happens.
  13. excer

    One of the dangers when hualing *** on a sinlge track

    that bike you were riding sure looked Orange to me.
  14. the trial is a two way trail. it was on Kernan rd. just west of where Kernan crossed over Morena Stokes Rd. (where we were parked) it's the only trail that connects Bear Valley Rd. and Corral Canyon OHV. it's not really a head-on unless screws and plates are involved.
  15. excer

    Saw a Mtn Lion

    here's one waiting to become stew.