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  1. kirton

    08 ktm690 smc pipe info

    Where can i get this ktm F1 computer
  2. kirton

    08 ktm690 smc pipe info

    I do not have any dealers where i am in Barbados so i was wondering if ther was any way of getting the program info to do the mapping.
  3. kirton

    08 ktm690 smc pipe info

    where do you get the akro mapping from
  4. has anyone changed the pipe,if so which pipe and do you have to do anything to the mapping.: What restrictions does the690 smc have,and what are the fixes.
  5. kirton

    Duke 11 fcr41 application?

    Thanks for the info i will go ahead and try the carb.
  6. kirton

    Duke 11 fcr41 application?

    I see many duke riders are putting the fcr 41 carbs on there bikes,but do you have to change any of the boots ? If so where do you get them from. Also do the origonal throttle cables work .
  7. kirton

    02 duke11

    I just bought a02 duke11 doing 700 miles its a lovely bike,but it needs a little more get up and go.I do not want to modify internally. Any info?
  8. Want to know if anyone sells bolt on pinion rider foot pegs,for03 450exc.
  9. Just bought a JDjet kit for 03ktm 450 exc.Need advice on jetting.At sea level,temp 32c,humidity 75-85,fmf power core 1v,standard head pipe.Please advise.
  10. Want to know if the 2005 450 exc radiator shrouds would fit the 2003 exc,as i was sent 2005 graphics by mistake.