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  1. joshb

    hours on a 144 top end?

    That's mine with 15 hrs. I ride jr. With smokingjoes jetting specs at 40:1.
  2. joshb

    hours on a 144 top end?

    Hey guys just wondering how long everyones going on their gorr 144 top ends. First mine blew up with 6 hrs cause the power valve wasn't grounded down enough and it caught the ring. gorr fixed for free and since have had no issues. But anyway I pulled the cylinder the other day just to swap the ring. The ti-n ring and wiseco coated piston probably had 15 hours on it and the piston already had a bad wear line down the front on the exhaust side that I could feel with my finger. Pretty dissapointed after hearing others going a lot longer on a top end. Now I'll be ordering a piston as well to go with the ring. I know gorr recommends a ring every 10 hrs and piston 20 but honestly I thought I would be able to go longer. I'm now trying to find another 125 and I think I will be keeping this one stock. Not worth it if a top end will only last me 15 hours.
  3. joshb

    144 reliability ?

    Mine blew up with 6 hours and took out the whole top end. Have to say I'm pretty dissappointed. It's at gorr right now to see what happened.
  4. joshb

    144 destroyed

    Destroyed my 144 today. Looks like the ring caught the powervalve. Ring broke in 2, gouged out the cylinder and one of the powervalves. Had maybe 5-6 hours on a brand new 144 head and new bottom end. All I can say is I am pretty lucky. It happened the corner after the biggest jump on the track.
  5. joshb

    Eric gorr 144 is a gas hog

    460 main, 50 pilot and stock needle 3rd clip. Runs good in Washington.
  6. joshb

    Eric gorr 144 is a gas hog

    1-1.5 hours on the bike yesterday at riverdale.
  7. Is mine the only one like this? On an average day at the track I'm going through 3 gallons. In a jr rider so not like I'm riding the crap out of the thing. Seems a bit excessive.
  8. Could someone please verify. I've found 22 ft lb for the cylinder and 20 ft lb for the head but these were for 01-02. I assume 06 is the assume but wanted to be sure. Thanks
  9. joshb

    Eric gorr 144 cylinder. Is mine ok?

    Yep at least 4 cycles before I rode it hard. First 3 like 10 min each not going above like half throttle and never on it hard. However after 1 cycle I had a coolant leak out of 1 cylinder head bolt. Once I torqued it down again it was not an issue. Maybe that was the cause and got some coolant in the cylinder during that time. Going to put new I rings on head and run it again.
  10. joshb

    Eric gorr 144 cylinder. Is mine ok?

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1020497-144-cylinder-pic-ugh/page__fromsearch__1 Well just found that thread so feeling a little better I was pretty discouraged when I first saw my cyljnder. Think I will just slap it back together and run it another 8 hours till I change the ring. Does the 144 use standard oem o rings for the dome? I haven't pulled the ones off from my Gorr kit yet but the oem Yamaha ones I bought look thinner. ??
  11. Has 2 hours on it. Jetting is rich. I remember seeing a post on here about other people's gorr cylinders looking like this and it was fine. Thoughts? You can't feel any visible scratches. The bike runs great.
  12. I had a minor leak from the weep hole on my yz125. Put in new bearing and seals and after 1 ride my coolant is all grey (its engine ice) like it is mixing with something. There was still a leak from the weep hole after I fixed it but it was very minor, just some residue around the hole after each moto. Does it sound like this problem is just the water pump seals again?
  13. I rebuilt the front master cylinder on my yz125 and now all of a sudden after a few minutes the front brake loses all pressure. Once I give it a few pumps it all comes back. I assume that I installed the kit right. Does anyone have a pic of how all the parts go or detailed explanation? Thanks
  14. The 125 i just bought doesn't have a case saver and I have a 14t sprocket to put on when my engine comes back from gorr but I was wondering if I can run a case saver with the larger sprocket. Thanks
  15. joshb

    YZ144 gearing advice

    I'm gonna order a 14, 49. Now just need to figure out the jetting.