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  1. biggieg

    TRX 450R pipe glowing!! please help....

    carb to lean
  2. biggieg

    LC4 motor wanted

    I have a 2001 ktm lc4 motor complete bought for a project very few mile looks new I live in so cal
  3. biggieg

    Used 400EX isues?

    ha 450trailrider I am intersted in the parts you have for the EX400 need to change out mine, and also intersted in the plastic also!
  4. biggieg

    Jetting for 05 DRZ 250

    Just need some info on jetting for 05 drz 250 with a pro circut t4 slip on , just bought the slip on and going to insall it this week end, thanks
  5. biggieg

    Hard starting 05 crf 450

    New to Thumpertalk, only way to started is to push it and it runs perfect did a top end on it , and crank seales cant kick start it,just back fires check all timing marks right on, check carb all clean,check valve all in spect,decompression in spect, new plug, check TDC, check spark plug wire good,cleaned and check coil connections, and checked tire pressure thats ok, help