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  1. I just got off the phone with him a little while ago. He is around so give him a call. He just hooked up my 2013 KX 450 and I must say the suspension was great when it was stock but now it is unreal! HP is the only way to go.
  2. roostmonster

    Suspension Service:Should i try doing it?

    Forks are very simple to perform maintenance on as long as you have the proper tools. I hate to say this but a hammer, screwdriver and pliers are not what you need. Purchase the correct tools as stated in the CORRECT shop manual for that specific brand of machine and then go for it. As long as you follow the procedures step by step you shouldn't have any problems. I can't stress enough about the importance of CORRECT, (good quality) tools and the CORRECT manual for the machine you are working on. Cheers
  3. roostmonster

    PASTRANA at CycleRanch

    Brutal man brutal. But hey at least I got cool stickers on my bike....Yup Sat it is......Haven't burnt any fuel out there since December.
  4. roostmonster

    PASTRANA at CycleRanch

    Yup...The one and only...Hey why doesn't anyone care when I go out and ride at Cycle Ranch????
  5. roostmonster

    PASTRANA at CycleRanch

    Hey Gene hope'n to be able to finally make it back out there Sat. If we do I'll stop by.
  6. roostmonster

    Injector oil

    Ok here is a question for all of you 2-stroke oil gods. What is the difference between 2 stroke injector oil and 2 stroke pre-mix? Before I get beat to death and run out of the message boards, I have been researching this for 2 days and cannot find an answer as to whether I can or cannot run Mobil 1 synthetic 2 stroke racing oil in my 03 JR 50 through the injector tank. Also if I do run the Mobil 1 what damage would I (did) cause?
  7. roostmonster

    Works Connection Skid Plate

    What year bike is the skid plate for?
  8. roostmonster

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Count me in for the website. I bet you could even get a donation here or there from some of the visitors....
  9. roostmonster

    This Hurt bad...from what I remember!!

    That was nasty. I'm selling my bike after seeing that.....
  10. roostmonster

    Rode a 06 450R yesterday

    I own an 04 that I bought from a buddy that went down to a 250 and this is what I have found. I have installed a JD jet kit and that was one heck of a boost as far as throttle response. He sold me that bike with a Dr. D exhaust but he gave me the stocker also. I rode one set with the Dr. D, let it cool and then switched to the Stock pipe and there was a very noticable difference. I don't know if I would spend the bucks for a pipe but there is a difference in bottom and mid range snap with the Dr. D. The stock pipe is more mellow. I like them both just fine. I went up to a 49 tooth sprocket and I now believe the bike is perfect for me. Almost forgot the IMS pro series pegs. I like the wider pegs over the stock ones. Just my 2 cents.
  11. roostmonster

    well, it is a jump

    Glad to see you ride with all of your gear on.
  12. roostmonster

    Pull out the engine, respray frame

    I just finished repainting my sons 2000 kx 65. I know it's different than your machine but they all have basically the same parts. It took me 3 hours to remove everything off the frame. As I removed a part I took a plastic baggie and wrote what the name of the part and then put the part and screws inside. This way your not trying to figure out which one of the 162 screws goes in which hole. Plus it helps you remember the order of removal so that you can put it back together in reverse order. After you get all of the plastic off and before you start removing the "electronics" and cables take a picture of how they are routed so that you can put them back in the same place. It is really an easy task. You will learn alot and find things that you did not know needed repair. It will give you time to inspect bearings, seals etc. to keep you bike in top shape. Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Take before and after pics so you can be proud of your work. One little bit of advice, "Do not attempt to do this without a shop manual." There are bolts that need to be torqued to specific measurements.
  13. roostmonster

    any tracks

    Welcome to Texas. There are several tracks around San Antonio. My personal favorite is CYCLE RANCH which is in Flooresville. Only about 30 minutes east of S/A. Then there is Texas Ski Ranch just north of New Braunfels. This track is about 30 minutes north of S/A. You then have Cross Creek and Del Valle which are up around Bastrop and Austin respectively. All are great tracks and the folks that go there are top notch. Check out a web site called Texas Off Road Network. in the forums section there are all of the tracks for texas listed on there. http://www.texasoffroad.net
  14. roostmonster

    Fork and Shock DVD's, replace seals, revalve

    I have been interested in learning how to re-valve my suspension. I have been told to leave it to the professionals. But I am not one of those, "Here is my suspension and $800 bucks please make my suspension better," kind of guys. Is this video going to give the viewer the knowledge needed to do a professional caliber re-valve? I can replace seals, fluid, springs etc on the forks but when it comes to the shock or messing with a re-valve it's intimidating.
  15. roostmonster

    Where to buy rear sprocket XR650L

    I'll second the RockyMountain M/C. Their Primary Drive sprockets are cheap and as far as aluminum sprockets go I think they are as good as the "higher priced" competition...