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  1. mxkid416

    Sled forum

    HCS > all others
  2. its hard for me to buy local when they shops don't stock anything, and the wait is usually twice as long as buying online
  3. mxkid416

    Cash or Credit

    Cash for toys
  4. try contacting troy lee directly, when I cracked one of their chest protectors, I was able to contact them and get a replacement directly from them
  5. mxkid416


    if you have to ask...
  6. mxkid416


    I used to to run 3-4 miles a day for motocross, that helps big time, I now bike a ton and rarely run, and honestly I had much better endurance for motocross from running than biking
  7. mxkid416

    2005 kx250f

    I've had my 05 for 2 seasons now and it has run flawless, I've had absolutely no problems with it
  8. The only time I've jumped off was over a step up triple (4th gear pinned and ~80 feet), I hit a weird line and the front end came straight up on me and I knew there was no way I could recover, so I jumped off. I landed on the backside of the landing ramp and just rolled a couple of times and got right up just fine. There was someone else that did the same thing on that jump a few years before me, but didn't make it to the backside of the landing ramp and broke both of his legs when he landed
  9. it sounds like he doesn't know how to use a powerband to me and is just dumping the clutch rather than slipping it when starting on a hill
  10. mxkid416

    Spark Arrestor in the Dunes?

    nope fake won't work, you'll likely need to buy another pipe since they don't make slip on spark arrestors for 4 strokes, if you watch sale sections of site you can pick up one pretty cheap when they go on sale or have closeouts
  11. mxkid416

    Spark Arrestor in the Dunes?

    They won't let you on the dunes without one. they have a stick they put in your pipe
  12. mxkid416

    all quad haters,

    I dislike quads because I've been run off the track and almost hit many many times by these terrible riders, they also blow out the berms, and create a massive dust storm, dry out the track faster, the list goes on and on. oh yeah, wheelies in the bits, donuts in the pits, going fast through pits, etc
  13. mxkid416

    Bike is Waterlogged!!!

    pull the pipe and kick the bike over until there's no more water coming out of the exhaust, change the oil, spark plug, air filter, gas. then start it, the only reason you'd have to open up the motor is if it went under running and bent the rod or crank when water entered the engine, even then, the motor could be alright if it went under running. Get the motor running ASAP, you want to burn off any excess moisture in there so parts don't start rusting or corroding
  14. mxkid416

    new chain and sprockets

    Get the o-ring, you won't regret it, especially with a 450. It will last much much longer and you won't have to adjust it after every single ride
  15. mxkid416

    Brand Loyalty

    I'm not really brand loyal when it comes to bikes, we've got 2 Hondas, a yamaha and my KXF at the house. But when getting a new bike I'd probably get another kawi because mine's been so reliable