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    battery Q?

    Don't know but for $16 I picked up a gel type battery at the local Battery Warehouse that should WAY outlast the OEM type. Had to make a couple pigtails to go to the battery leads as I didn't want to cut the originals on the bike to adapt to an experimental battery. It's a bit taller and a bit narrower but fits in the box well and doesn't hit the seat. Seems to be working well so far. Not sure how it will work with the SE models as my 93 doesn't have electric start. They work for a long time in battery powered riding toys so might be just fine. Beats the $57 at the LSD. If anyone is interested in these I can get them for $30 shipped to your door. I can pull the seat and get pics and such if there is any interest. Mike
  2. slozukimc

    kick starting 650dr

    THAT'S FUNNY!!!! A DR650 will slide the tire on pavement when letting the clutch out to pop start in second or third gear so you better get a good hill so you can get the motor spinning with the decompression lever pulled and then let off of the lever for it to start. Been there and done that with my 93.....I couldn't walk right for 2 weeks after I got the bike. Went through everything and cleaned up the carb so it was tuned well and now it starts quite easily usually 3 kicks w/ choke on and 1 no choke and it's running cold and almost never more than 2 kicks warmed up.....A bit more tuning and I will have it to 1 kick....Gettin too old to fight with it but don't want the complexity or the added weight of the electric start on the newer models. Make sure the carb is clean and set right before you even try further....You will be happy you did. New plugs wouldn't hurt either as yours have probably been very wet and don't spark very well anymore. Good luck!!!.....I sympathize about the legs......Mine was being a bit temperamental today and my leg is a bit sore from kicking only a few times.....LOL, Mike