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  1. Thumperlover

    Uh-oh, RMZ died on me

    I wasn't running it wide open for a long time, just short bursts and then letting off. But yes it does turn over so it isn't seized.
  2. Thumperlover

    Uh-oh, RMZ died on me

    It had plenty of gas in the tank. Thats what I thought at first too lol . But unfortunately its something else. I'm going to get my neighbor to help me with the valves since I'm pretty green there (hes a motorcycle mechanic who also rides mx)
  3. Well due to my stupidity I didn't check my jetting which was lean and caused my bike to have a severe motor problem (I haven't found out what the problem is yet). I'm still pretty stupid when it comes to thumpers and jetting so I'm posting this in hopes of getting some good info and prevent another stupid motor accident. What some symptoms of a lean running thumper? rich running? What do each of the the jets and screws control? IE what throttle range does the main jet control? Is it a lot harder to jet a thumper compared to a 2 stroke? It seems from my past experience with 2 strokes was that there was less jets to play with, making it easier to jet. Now with my RMZ there are more screws, jets etc than I can count (okay maybe I'm exaggerating) but I don't know what to do with each of them. Also what size increments do Keihin main jets go up in? I have a 178 main in now but I want richen it up a bit. Thanks
  4. Thumperlover

    Uh-oh, RMZ died on me

    I was out riding 2 days ago just farting around on some hills and what not at a friend's farm when my rmz decided to quit running. I was doing a 5th gear WFO run down the driveway (super long driveway) and as I was shifting down, I tried cracking the throttle again and it refused to rev high . It then started popping and farting so I shut it off asap. I checked the plug about 15 minutes after the fact and found the electrode (piece thats welded to the threads?) was white as snow with the rest of the plug black and sooty. So I know for a fact that I was running lean but I'm not sure what I did to the motor . I'm guessing I maybe bent a valve or did something to the piston? I'll try to get pics of the plug on here soon to give an idea as to where I'm at. Any help would be greatly appreciated.