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  1. pantah

    wiring diagram XL 250 '74

    Thanks dude
  2. Does anyone have this and can e-mail it to me plz or anyone has a link to find one online? thx
  3. pantah

    fork oil for '73 XL 250 Honda

    Thanks a lot, guys @Mike38: I did all that. I know my way around with these things, but thanks for the advice
  4. pantah

    fork oil for '73 XL 250 Honda

    Hey thanks man, 6" from top, that's what I needed. You see, I replaced the fork seals and it had more water in it than oil
  5. pantah

    Hi all

    Thanks Brian, I've got to find my way around here still, but I guess I'll get the hang of it soon enough. And btw, I'm not even close to 50
  6. pantah

    Vintage Enduro bikes

    I own a '82 SC 490 Maico, this is the only enduro bike I have next to several full-cross Maico's.
  7. Hello, being new to this forum, I don't know yet where the best place for this question would be, so I just put it in the overall technical section (suspension) aswell. I'm in need of the correct fork oil amount for a '73 XL 250 Honda. Anyone? Thx
  8. pantah

    Hi all

    I would like to introduce myself to this forum. I'm from Belgium and in possession of several vintage Maico's, 2 250's and 3 500's. I rode in competition many years ago and now I only ride occasionally. I've been kept from off-road a couple of years due to a road accident, but hope to kick off my Maico's once again very soon Any other Maico-enthousiasts over here?
  9. Would anyone know how much fork oil to put in this model? Thanks