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  1. Raney120

    Kinda OFF topic

    Dude I can't wait to get my new mug with my X4R Chelle won't share hers with me:lol: .
  2. Raney120

    fork guards ????

    Call up Pitster they sell em.
  3. Raney120

    My New Custom Sticker Kit

    I've seen MagikSC's graphics and ridden with him (I was there when he broke his arm:eek: ) and I can say seeing them first hand that they are tough. Magik rides hard and is hard on his bike and they still look brand new.
  4. Raney120

    Best Super Moto Tires?

    I'm looking for a new set of 12" Supermoto tires I already have wheels and my question is if money is no object what are the best?
  5. Raney120

    Pitster Bikes and Parts in Stock!

    Yeah now they just need a straight foot peg bar and an over the top brake pedal!
  6. Raney120

    Pitster Bikes and Parts in Stock!

    There are actually a few small changes like an updated shock, flatter seat, and a black anodized model. If you look at the SuperMoto pictures on their website you can see the shock and seat.
  7. Raney120

    Pitster Pro parts

    Yeah the 145 is enough for me At least for now I took it out again today and it's crazy I'm trying to get used to not having to down shift.
  8. Raney120

    New pit bike clips

    Come out on Friday and you can get some!! Nice vid btw
  9. Raney120

    Staggs forks question

    HaHa Yeah next time you might think twice before jumping a guy off the back of his crotch rocket HaHa
  10. Raney120

    Staggs forks question

    Yeah Magik or are you still in trouble haha
  11. Raney120

    New fast ace shocks

    I tried one of those exact shocks on my X2R and it blew the seal after about 20 hours of riding but worked pretty good until then.
  12. Raney120

    Pitster x2r frame review

    Did you try changing out the brake fluid? The fluid that comes in it is junk. I put in some new DOT 4 in my X2R and it made night and day difference.
  13. Raney120

    Motovert or pitster pro X2R?

    I have a Pitster X2R and I love it! It's a great bike It handles like a big bike and has stood up to some big hits and cased jumps. But the best thing is how easy it is to get parts and their customer service is awesome.
  14. Raney120

    tooele Fast 50s vid

    Yeah I'd love to be down there right now I'm sure the weather is alot nicer. It's been raining here but I'm planning on riding indoor next weekend.
  15. Raney120

    New Pitster dealer in Vegas!!

    Yeah a street legal version would be sweet!