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  1. my cousin has a ttr 125 and i laugh at him when i drag him. the 100 is 98897u8927389472398748923798472398478927394872384 times better. if you think diffrent you can go kill yourself and think about life. how long has honda been making the 100? how many bugs do you think they fixed. ttr = trailer trash racing xr = xtreme racer lol all im saying is that in my point of view my 100 feels way i mean way more power full than the ttr. i can go up any hill i wanted to go up with my 100
  2. i will own annyone with a 100. am i the only one in this fourm with suspension mods on my 100?
  3. i can get one going 55
  4. im the freind with the 100
  5. /\ || || this kids bike looks gay as hell HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA