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  1. Supercross

    James is still faster in the corners though, they should get him to race with Ricky on the practice track, since he's mentoring chad and post that video.
  2. Look on or
  3. The stock valves are titanium, not steel. I'm running RHC's SS valves and I have over 120 hrs on them and they havent budged. I would also look at a putting a new piston and rings in while your in there.
  4. Yes it will hurt it if you run it for more than a short amount of time.
  5. Supercross

    Wrong they have to use factory FRAME, swingarm, plastics and engine cases.
  6. When you get your new chain and sprockets, you should probably tighten that chain a little more lol
  7. I tried one a few years ago, back when they actually made them for the CRF250. Got it right from Muzzy for $175 for a complete titanium system, and honestly didnt really notice any gains so I got rid of it.
  8. Yeah sounds like your valves closed up, but I have no experience with common problems on Suzuki's.
  9. The actual suspension costs that, but then the techs at the major manufacturers make "unattainable parts" to put into the forks and shocks, and my uncle who owns a honda shop and had Jeremy McGrath there signing autographs years ago told him when he crashed and bent his forks it cost Honda close to 40k to replace......Damn I wish I had that suspension.
  10. Yeah definately an MRD. Ive tried Pro Circuit, FMF, and Yoshimura over that past few years and the MRD is what I like the best and what im still riding with. Another bonus is is he makes the pipe to suit you power wise(low,mid,top). Also the price is one of the cheapest!
  11. Yeah it's just the decompression mechanism....When I moved to racing a crf 250 it scared me too....but one of my good buddies is a mechanic at our local shop and he said that that is what it is.
  12. HAHA, do do honestly think that anyone will be able to touch JS or RV if they dont crash. You do understand that TV makes the riders look much slower right? And before you say that I havent seen the other guys ride, Ive seen JS and RV and also several of the ones you mentioned, and JS and RV are on a much higher level.
  13. No power wise it's not even close to a 450. The best option if possible is to ride both, like if your friends have one. Then see which one you like better.
  14. how and the hell did you already get one of the new CRF450's my dealer said most everyone doesnt get them until end of October.
  15. What chassis did he put that in and what year is the motor?