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  1. bikercop

    crf150 Polishing

    I managed a custom bodyshop for 10 years. We did everything from bikes to 'rods. Use an orbital sander with 320 grit to remove the paint, then as AnthonyG stated, work your way to 800-1200 grit. Then use a wool buffing pad with the polish (not wax). If you get it smooth enough, you can even buff it by hand with a quality aluminum/billet polish and a terry towel (more work though). You will not have to clear coat the swingarm on the CRF's as they are aluminum, and will not rust. Just keep it clean, and polish and wax once in a while.
  2. bikercop

    joker machine

    not that one, however have the BBR linkage. raised rear height approx 1". works well with the BBR triple clamp.
  3. bikercop

    bbr stuff

    Yeah, did all of the engine mods within a week of buying the bike. It does make a huge difference, that is why I am selling the XR250R. I find that the CRF has more low end, and the E start is awesome. CRF is more fun than the XR.
  4. bikercop

    bbr stuff

    The triple clamp raised the bars for more "cockpit" room, and lowered the forks to give more ride height to match the rear ride height increase from the linkage.
  5. bikercop

    bbr stuff

    Just installed the BBR triple clamp, linkage, and front and rear springs on my 230. Bike has 1 1/2 inches more ground clearance than my XR250R and 3/4 inch more than my friends CRF450R. Kinda cool. Suspension for my weight 190 lbs is way better, didn't even have to preload the front. Studded my tires also, fun riding up the frozen rivers. Anyone wanna buy the XR250R? It is a 2004, low hours, regular plastic scratches. $4500 cdn.
  6. bikercop

    Pics of my Race Bike

    Just to add one more comment. All you guys bashing poor old Ride Hard should lay off. Didn't you notice that on his engine it appears as though he is sponsered by the one and only HONDA? If you look close, HONDA is actually etched into the engine cases. Musta gotta killer discount on the bike to get that. (ha ha)
  7. bikercop

    sand dunes in canada

    Hudsons Hope (Bennett Dam) near Fort St. John, BC has one of the largest pits my friends and I have ever seen (and 2 of them are blasters for mines). A person cannot see or hear another bike on the other side. Not necessarily dunes, however, lots of hills and sand to play in. Will have snow right now though.
  8. bikercop

    A Buddy Wants A CRF230

    Hey, if he decided to go with a crf 230, maybe he is interested in a trade. Something else for him to "sleep on". Let me know.
  9. bikercop

    Just ordered my graphics!!

    This may sound like it won't work. Trust me it does. I used to apply decals (from small all the way to the big old firebirds on hoods of old trans ams) to all sorts of vehicles at my old job. I have installed decals on my crf230 with no problems doing it this way. Use a mild solution of water and dish soap. Spray the panel with it. Postion the decal where you want it. It will move around easily. Use a rubber squeegy made for applying decals $cheap$ (get one from an auto parts store). Start in the middle of the graphic and push all the solution out from under it using the squeegy. Let it dry for a few hours (over night is best) and ride. If there are any folds or difficult areas, use a hair drier to SLIGHTLY soften the decal to help it form. Make sure that the plastic and the decal are at room temperature before you start. Use a pin to pop any small bubbles and squeegy them flat. If done correctly, you should have few if any bubbles.
  10. bikercop

    Little engine that could

    Just spent 12 days riding everything from tight & twisty trails to slippery clay mud to wide open hard pack trails in northern bc and alta. There were 2 XR 250's, 2 crf 230's 2 crf 150's and a crf 450r. My crf 230 was the first to go everywhere, and the first to be everywhere except the fireroads where the 450 obviously was first. The other 230 was always with me unless the 450 was stalled and needed help. Anyone can go fast in a straight line if they have enough power, and if that is your thing, great. I love the tight twisty challenges, and the hill climbs. The 230 is perfect for that type of riding, and it doesn't spew antifreeze all over the trail when it gets hot. With the carb kit and being opened up to breath, there is enough power to wheelie over most anything on the trail. Adjust the suspension, and it will take most hits pretty well also. Ride what you want and have fun, screw the image of bigger is better.
  11. bikercop

    My 230's NEWLY re-done Plastics!!!

    Nice job, I like the red accents on the edges of the plastic's. Way better prep this time, makes all the difference. Again, nice work.
  12. Maybe this giant whom you speak of should opt for the 230 instead, (HA HA).
  13. bikercop

    Painting Plastics??

    Munchie, good first attempt! I managed a bodyshop for 10 years, and I am a journeyman automotive painter. I have painted everything. For plastics, use a fine "scotchpad" either grey or green. Do not use anything courser that 400 grit on plastics. LIGHTLY scuff the plastic, just enough to take the shine off especially the edges and curves. Spray several light coats, 20 minutes between coats. If you are using a paint for plastics, no adhesion promoter is necessary, however if not, use one. Also make sure that the paint has flex abilities. Prepping is the most important part of paint work. Spend the time to do that correct and you will have great results.
  14. go here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=160981
  15. bikercop

    Washer mod. Question

    TTRer: You don't have to use PVC, the kits that I have gotten with my emulators come with an aluminum sleeve that gets cut to size. Anything that will not flake or bend will work. I have heard of people using conduit tubing. Just put a washer on either end of whatever tubing you use. If you wanted to you could even use a stack of washers (kind of a lot of unecessary extra bits though).