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  1. I bought the same pivoting arm from DRATV last year for my 94 Z50 and it was the same part. The part was completely broke off in my case so the bike would not engage in gear at all.
  2. Paz

    Whos the oldest 50 rider?

    Just turned 40.
  3. Paz

    1st to 2nd gear shifting.

    My Z50R is doing the same thing. I replaced the clutch and put heavy duty springs in it. The first time out when I hit second it damn near put me on my ass! I have tried adjusting the clutch but it did not seem to make alot of difference. I may put the stock springs back in to see if it helps since I bought this for my kids (atleast that's what I told my wife ).
  4. Are the clutch plates pretty easy to change out?
  5. It feels like it goes into gear with the engine dead but doesn't move. I did have the chain off and the counterhaft sprocket spins when throttle is applied but there is no resistance (you can stop the spinning sprocket with your hand). I will try making some clutch adjustments tonight. Thanks for the information.
  6. I recently purchased a rough 1994 Z50R that runs well but does not engage into gear. Could this be a clutch problem? Can anyone give me some ideas on how to troubleshoot? Thanks