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  1. GeorgeL98

    How to Remove Carb 05 S

    Hi everyone, I was having trouble starting my 05 S the other day. Starts with the choke on, not with it off. From what I understand, it is the pilot circuit in the carb that needs to be cleaned. I removed the carb today, but I am sure that I did it wrong. Nothing is broken, but there has to be an easier way. Can anyone tell me what the proper way to remove the carb is. I would like to know because I am going to have to put it all back together. -George
  2. GeorgeL98

    05 only starts with choke on???

    Hi everyone, I have an 05 S, with 1800 miles. it has been on a battery tender for the last 2 months, and today i decided to start it up. it started fine with the choke out, but after it warmed up, i pushed the choke in, and it stalled. regardless of how much I let it warm up, it will stall when the choke is in. I replaced the plug with no change. I assume its going to be a carb problem. Can anyone help me with this!! Thank you.... -George
  3. GeorgeL98

    Fuel Screw or Pilot Jet???

    Hey Everyone, I am having a problem with my idle sticking high. The only way to bring it back down to normal is to put it in gear and let the clutch out a bit. Once the idle is at normal, I can pull the clutch in or put it in nuetral and it will stay where it should up until I touch the gas again. Then it just goes back to the high idle situation. I was told by one person it is the fuel screw that was not set for my altitude (NYC), and told by another that I need to bump my pilot jet one size up. Either way, is this problem covered under warantee??? (05' S) Thanks.... George Patchoros
  4. GeorgeL98

    Street Setup for a '05 S???

    Hey everyone, After 700 miles on my S, I now realize that just about all my mileage will be on the street. Outside of going to an SM setup (thinking about it), what have any of you done to make yours more streetable, specifically gearing. Thanks alot.... George Patchoros
  5. GeorgeL98

    SM vs. Any other ROAD bike?????

    Point well taken....however, how does it fair on the highways. My 05 S can handle 60+ mph, however I feel like that thing is revving pretty high. How is the SM model any different. I would think that for a "good" street bike, it should be a little more capable on the highways?????? George
  6. GeorgeL98

    SM vs. Any other ROAD bike?????

    Hi everyone, Just out of curiosity, why would someone buy an SM instead of a street bike. I am not knocking it at all (400 street miles on my 05 S) and loving it. But if that bike is only good for the street, why wouldnt you buy a true street bike?? The reason I ask is that I do a bunch more road riding than off-road, and was actually considering an SM conversion. Is that the way to go, or should I get into a "true" streetbike????? George
  7. GeorgeL98

    High Idle at Stoplights???

    Hey everyone, I think that I might have a high idle problem. At stoplights, (either in nuetral or with the clutch in) my idle seems to be very high. In order to bring it down to what seems like a normal speed, I have to put the bike in gear, and let the clutch out slightly. At that point, my idle will return to normal, right until I touch the throttle again. Once I blip the throttle, the idle rises again and stays at a high level until I bring it down with the clutch. I called the dealer I bought it from, and he told me that the bike has some type of anti-backfire setting in the ignition, and is designed to have a high idle when slowing down, but should return to normal in a few seconds. This actaully happens when its cold, but once it warms up, I have to force the idle back down. Thanks in advance..... George Patchoros 05 400s
  8. GeorgeL98

    rim lock

    What exactly is a rim lock? George Patchoros 2005 DRZ400S
  9. GeorgeL98

    DRZ400 Tachometer????

    Hey everyone, I was wondering is Suzuki or the aftermarket has a tach for the 400s. Even better, does anyone make a new trip computer to replace the factory one with a tach in it??? Thanks.... George Patchoros 2005 DRZ400S
  10. Hi guys, Just put my first 30 miles on the bike. On the street it reals like it is the perfect size. However, When I am at a stop with my feet on the ground, I feel if it leans over even slightly that its going to fall over. I am 5-11, 220 pounds. So far this is the biggest bike I have been on. Has anyone else felt that way. The reason I ask is because I feel that its going to be to much for me in the trails. Does a person get used to this, or to big is to big. Sitting on the bike at a rest, I am slightly better than tippy toe on the ground. Whatcha think???? George
  11. Hi Everyone, Well, I finally did it. Just picked up my new DRZ400 today. Cant wait to get to the trails. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have any advice for a new guy like me. Oil change intervals, break in, optional needed accesories, riding gear??? George Patchoros
  12. GeorgeL98

    Anyone From the Lower NY Area???

    Nick, I live 2 minutes from Peekskill, right in the center of Yorktown. I havent bought my bike yet, but its coming really soon. Let me know if you know of any trails in the area. As soon as I pick it up, i will be ready to roll!!!! George
  13. Hi everyone, Im new to thumper. Great website. Lots of good info. I wa curious as to how many of you (if any) are from the lower NY area??? I live in westchester and was wondering if anyone else is in the area... George Patchoros
  14. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a new DRZ400S. The trails that I will be riding are about a 30 minute highway trip away from me. Being 5-11 and 220 pounds, will I have a hard time attaining highways speeds? At what RPM will I comfortably do 60mph? 70mph? Thanks.... George