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  1. SScratch

    DRZ pics with the best background landscape

    Libby Flats, Snowy Range, Wyoming.
  2. SScratch

    Planning a trip..HELP!!

    I have been using these: http://www.aerostich.com/catalog/US/DryBag-Saddlebags-p-16156.html along with a $25 duffel bag from REI. More here: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=215211
  3. SScratch

    Planning a trip..HELP!!

    Of course you could always opt for the E150 luggage system.
  4. SScratch

    Planning a trip..HELP!!

    Imagine a triangle connecting the two axles and the top of your head. Try to keep the weight inside that triangle as much as possible. Pack the little things in a bigger bag so there is less to strap on. Use straps with buckles, not bungee cords or you could lose your load. Scrap the cooking gear and eat at cafes and diners - no chain restaurants. Don't skimp on the tent, sleeping bag or air mattress. They can make or break your trip. Add a lighter and a flashlight and you have the basics. Don't sweat the tire issue, run 'em til they're worn out and get new ones. Get a different type and compare them yourself. They don't last long enough for a poor choice to matter long. Include a set of D606 Dunlops sometime, you might like them. Just keep an eye on the air pressure and adjust accordingly. If you can't afford good Goretex riding gear, get a rain suit designed for motorcycling. It needs to fit tight so as not to flutter and rip apart in the wind. Take a looke at some of the dualsport jacket and pants by Moose and others. They are not much more than a rain suit. Good choice on the DR650.
  5. SScratch

    Bmw F800gs

    I'll take two!
  6. SScratch

    Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming

    Here's the next one:
  7. SScratch

    Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming

    From Rawlins to Atlantic City is about 140 miles of nothing but sagebrush, cattle, sheep, wild horses, coyotes, rabbits, eagles and pronghorns. We were planning on getting gas in Atlantic City, but there isn't any. The one business in this dirt-road town is a saloon. We pulled a guy off his barstool to sell us a 5 gallon can of gas for $25 which we split between the three bikes. From there to Pinedale was another 80 or so miles of desert. I've got a 4-gallon Clarke tank which is good for about 215 miles. The F650s are good for at least 250 miles, and Bill was carrying an extra 3 litres. Getting lost is a very real possibility since there are so many trails going every which way. The sun is a big help in determining and maintaining direction, as is a compass or gps, and any direction will eventually get you out if you have enough gas. Half of that suspension is my own legs. The helmet cam stays pretty stable on my helmet in spite of what the bike is doing. I should have some more video soon.
  8. SScratch

    Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming

    Bill is an excellent rider on both street and dirt, it's just that he and the others were handicapped with bikes and gear that outweighed mine by 200 lbs, not to mention the suspension difference. I sure didn't mind borrowing some of the extra gas he was carrying when I ran out.
  9. SScratch

    Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming

    The scenery changes fast in Wyoming. This is fromhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw1rKPwf260 the Red Desert between Rawlins and Pinedale. Bring plenty of gas!
  10. SScratch

    Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming

    Glad you liked it, here's another. The Medicine Bow is straight south of the Bighorn Mountains, west of Laramie. Gorgeous country.
  11. SScratch

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    I took a little trip to Wyoming, camping and trail riding in the mountains. Managed to park it a little too vertical at one of the rest stops, and the bike falls over on the right side. No big deal, pick it up and ride on. Didn't notice until a couple hundred miles further when we stopped and smelled something burning that the heat shield had bent, allowing the saddle bag to press the sidecover into the muffler. A little melting ensued. We pooled our resources and came up with two empty beer cans which I smashed, wedging one up between the muffler and heat shield and the other between the muffler and side cover. This temporary resolution held up the rest of the week, but now that I'm home I will come up with a permanent fix utilizing more sophisticated import beer cans. The funny part is, the Smokin' Hole Racing stickers were on the bike before this happened.
  12. This is from a trip in early August, five F650's and my DRZ. .
  13. SScratch

    Filming your ride

    BTW, I enjoyed your video Xylicon. Very good quality image. I speed up when I see a rider ahead too!