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  1. what chest protector were you wearing when you broke your humerous? My daughtr did the same thing.
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    661 just left a bad taste in my mouth

    Well here is a good story for you.My daughter last year was wearing the six six one chest protector. She went down in a corner and the chest protector snapped her arm. Last week my wife wearing the same chest protector pit riding fell going 2 miles an hour. Guess what same thing. If you make something to protect you it shouldnt hurt you. Guess what six six one did nothing but thats what lawyers are for. Wearing a EVS neck brace i fell and lost feeling to my lower body. I was in a wheel chair for awile and told i wouldnt walk for years. July 5th this year i had a crash WAYYYY WORSE... ended up broken bones in my neck, back, ribs and collerbone. My LEATT saved my life. I was able to get up and walk to my van. The force of the impact was so great that it snapped my Leatt. The doctor said without a doubt i would be dead. He than followed up with " And im not joking. That neck brace saved your Fawking life" I will never and i mean NEVER wear the EVS again. I know this isnt about whats better "evs or leatt" but im explaining why i agree with the sales rep for talking down about the EVS. I knew what his point was. If you know the pros of the EVS over the Leatt besides price tag please explain? What are the Cons of the leatt that the EVS doesnt have? Do more research on your helmets. You are a fool to wear a cheap one. Hopefully someday you wont learn the hard way. But on a side note. I do agree with what you said about customer service. I own a company also and our work thrives on word of mouth and customer satisfaction. The only reason why i argue about the EVS is the fact that its a over priced neck roll. Yes better than having nothing but the Leatt adventure is only $225. Once i start riding again i will be trying the Alpinestar Bionic. Some say over priced but it offeres more safty features than the Leatt. And lastly.. Can anybody explain why you have NEVER seen a pro with the EVS on? When they get paid a grip of money by the company?....Anybody?