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  1. tasktm

    Sag question

    absolutely critical, 110-115mm of rider sag ,with correct spring, imo!
  2. tasktm

    2005 YZF's valving

    in the recessed area of plastic floating piston!
  3. tasktm

    2005 YZF's valving

    chamfer is there to allow for bleeding of cartridge, 30degrees taper , 0.5-0.75mm deep 10-15mm long. hole in piston is to give excess oil some where to vent, personally i would fit fork preload spacer under spring,but it would have to be of the design that it could not float sideways! when fitted on top it can be struck by inner tube. ics spacer on top of spring!
  4. tasktm

    2005 YZF's valving

    yes ,there are 17 shims on the compression stack! i would recomend you at least remove first shim (16x0.1) from mid valve stack,and address internal cartridge pressure issues by fitting 8mm spacer to ics spring ,machining chamfer on shaft on which floating piston moves,55mm from valving end,to allow system to be purged of air & excess oil,& drill a 4mm hole in plastic piston for formentioned reason. The result will be worth the effort! it will allow you to make more informed changes to compression settings! correct fork spring preload issues by fitting longer springs of correct rate or fitting 7mm spacer under stock springs!
  5. tasktm

    2005 YZF's valving

    2 strokes have different set up ;clicker bleed has valving; more similar to showa setup, 24x0.1(9) 22x0.1 18x0.1 14x0.1 11x0.25
  6. tasktm

    2005 YZF's valving

    comp 24x0.1(11) 22x0.1 20x0.1 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 11x0.25 mid 16x0.1 22x0.1(3) 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 12x0.3 16x0.1 22x0.4 reb 21x0.1(6) 16x0.1 20x0.1 18x0.1 16x0.1 14x0.1 12x0.1 11x0.25 2005 250f/450f std valving
  7. tasktm

    Need Help!

    05 "r" comp stack 30x01(16x) 29x01 28x01 27x01 26x01 25x01 24x01 23x01 22x01 21x01 20x01 19x01 18x01 mid valve 20x01(6x) 17x01(4x) 0.47kg/mm fork springs i think?
  8. tasktm

    wr250f valving for yz250f

    Wr250f 2004 Comp 24x0.10(6x) 22x0.15(2x) 20x0.15 18x0.15 16x0.15 14x0.25 Midvalve 25x0.40 13x0.30(3x) 16x0.10 20x0.10 27x0.10(4x) Stock Settings,hope These Help. Mid Valve Can Only Be Accessed With Special Tools!