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  1. I'm also old and slow and 2 or 3 years ago came back to dirt bikes. Got a new CRF 450. Whewww, to much bike for me!! Not much fun, wore my old butt out. Bought a KTM 250 xCfw and life is good again. I'm havin a blast. But I do ride hare scrambles not MX.
  2. I've had my XC for almost 2 years now. The only problem I've had in almost 10000 miles is the ign switch going bad, which was replaced under warrenty. I love my XC, IMO, one of the best DS bikes available. FI is awesome, gets super MPG. I did replace the stock seat with a Renezco and the rear shock with a Wilbers. i've also added a Remus exhaust and Dirt Bagz. Last summer, spent a week in Co. riding the passes and camping out. From what I've seen, these bikes still have a pretty good resale, but I would not want to part with mine.
  3. Dagwood_55

    07 250xcf w/ big bore and problems

    I put the TR 300 kit in my 07 250 XCFW about 70 hours ago and havent looked back. No problems and I installed it myself and Im not mechanic. Its been absolutly bomb pruff. When it wears out, I'll go to a 320 kit.
  4. Dagwood_55

    Where does the 250 xcf-w fit?

    Late model 250XCFW + Rekluse + LHRB + TR Racing 300 BB kit = one good woods bike!! Got everything you need: Light wt. Low thump Tractor traction Mt Bike like downhills Rock solid reliable I love my bike....
  5. Well, that XR650R is a good bike, but the biggest drawback is the lack of the majic button on the handle bar. Best buy around here is a KLR650, I don't have one, but my bro in law got a real nice 2yo one with 1200 miles and several farkles for 3300 bucks. How can you beat that. Myself, I ride a BMW 650 XChallenge and I love it.
  6. Dagwood_55

    Restore '74-76 CR250??

    So, its a 75. Found out the motor is also locked up, so I donno if I want to tackle it or not. Do you buy parts from Honda?? Or where?? What would be the estimate for engine work?? If it's locked??
  7. Dagwood_55

    Restore '74-76 CR250??

    My son in law has aquired a decent looking 74-76 CR250 Honda. He thinks he wants us to restore it. Tank looks ok, motor is not froze. Front forks are leaking, Rear shocks are rusty. Bars, seat OK, Carb is questionable and will have to be take apart... Whats the good, the bad, the ugly on this bike???
  8. Dagwood_55

    '10 BMW450 vs '10 BergFE450

    What is a ebatt?? And where do you get one??
  9. Dagwood_55

    '10 BMW450 vs '10 BergFE450

    Plating is not an issue in AR. All you gotta do at the DMV is tell them it's really street legal. (As long as you have a title or MSO)
  10. Dagwood_55

    Husaberg 570 pricing?

    I believe Mark at SOS has '09 570's for 7499. If there are any left. http://www.shoalsoutdoorsports.com/
  11. Dagwood_55

    '10 BMW450 vs '10 BergFE450

    Thinking about getting a new 450. Thinking about a BMW or a Berg. One potentially big problem is, I don't think Rekluse is making an auto clutch for the Beemer.... Otherwise, these bikes seam neck and neck.... Anyone ridden both????
  12. Dagwood_55

    09 250xcf-w

    250XCFW + 300 BB Kit = 1 sweet bike!!
  13. Dagwood_55

    Thumper Racing 300 kit for the 250

    I'm what I would call a low-med mech. But with the DVD's help, I did the 300 kit myself and had no problem at all. I think I called Travis one time. The only special tools needed are a small and reg torque wrench. I would'nt attempt it without the DVD or manual. I completly removed my engine from the bike, but I'm sure it could be done pretty easily without removing it. BTW, best money you can spend on the bike (and I've spent plenty)
  14. Dagwood_55

    Which Dual Sport?

    How about a BMW 650XChallange, Big enough for a little highway, small enought for a little trail, EFI, priced right and a lot more. I love mine.
  15. Dagwood_55

    CRF230 or a CRF450

    A 450 in the woods can be a handful, too much for me.