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  1. FireCaptainSteve

    HELP!! 05 CRfX250 Carb issue

    Can I get a recomended jet size,to start at?
  2. FireCaptainSteve

    HELP!! 05 CRfX250 Carb issue

    I live in North NJ. My bike has very few hours. It is hard to start, has a stumble during acceleration. I pulled the carb off the bike. Im looking for suggestions on jets....or whatever you think I need to do.
  3. Anyone have an older version of Photo shop they want to sell?? Please email me. streetsoffiremc@msn.com
  4. FireCaptainSteve

    CRF50 RPMs hang up there ???throttle??

    How do I adjust this air-fuel mix?
  5. Does anyone have a used version of Photo Shop to sell me?
  6. I have my kid on a brand new CRF50. I have the throttle adj. screw turned in about 3/4 since he is just learning. When I dump off the throttle the rpms hang up and take about 15 sec to drop back to idle???? Do i need to mess with the air/fuel screw??? is it under a metal plug??
  7. Im looking for a Set Of tank shrouds. The yellow and the Grey rad section. Where is the best online place to purchase these???
  8. FireCaptainSteve

    TE 250 BLOWN Radiator Hose??? Help!

    As stated by many. Change your crossover hose ASAP! My tube was like new. It still had the oem clamps on it, it was not rubbing at all. I was 30 miles into an enduro, I had removed my goggles because they were fogged. Then a loud POP and I had a face full of HOT antifreeze. Lucky not to have burns! By the way HUSQVARNA when this happens you can’t see due to the steam cloud for a few moments! Dangerous if you’re on the road or in the woods!!! I missed a rock and a few trees and came to a stop. I rinsed my eyes and face with my camelback water, and my race was over. I now have the fuel injection line and regular hose clamps on it. I also carry an additional hose in my back pack and of course I carry tools. I’m going to send the ruptured hose to Husky as soon as I figure out where to send it.
  9. FireCaptainSteve

    TE 250 BLOWN Radiator Hose??? Help!

    I used the fuel injection line, worked great. BY THE WAY what does that little crossover tube due?? and how much pressure is in the system when hot?
  10. FireCaptainSteve

    Need radiators for my TE, Aftermarket?

    My radiators have been in bad shape for a few months now. The radiator upper crossover let go this past Sunday. Im going to fix the hose and ride the bike for the fall season and fix the rads in the winter.
  11. FireCaptainSteve

    Forks gone bad ...

    My forks SUCK! they might as well be full of loose parts. I love the rest of the bike but HATE the action in the forks. Paid two different Suspension tuners a small ransom and the still SUCK!
  12. My 06 TE 250 has two baddly smased radiators. I know im an idiot for not putting guards on, however do I send them out to get fixed or buy aftermarket? Who sells them?
  13. FireCaptainSteve

    TE 250 BLOWN Radiator Hose??? Help!

    Thanks for the info. Ill get the Fuel injection line.
  14. FireCaptainSteve

    TE 250 BLOWN Radiator Hose??? Help!

    My 06 TE250 let me down today. #0 mile into the Ridge Run Unduro I got a face full of Antifreeze !!!! The small crossover hose that runs over the tank blew apart. What should I use to replace it? The stock hose looks like crap.
  15. FireCaptainSteve

    Bent Radiator! Where do I send?

    Who is best for straighten my bent raditors on my TE 250?